Maxwell D’s forthcoming album ‘Life Goes On’ is a charity album aimed to raise funds for the children and families affected by the Pakistan floods. The UK garage artist has agreed to donate all the proceeds made from his ‘Life Goes On’ mixtape to children’s charity organization Save the Children.

The Pakistan floods have been rated as the greatest humanitarian crisis in recent history with more people affected then the South East Asian Tsunami and the recent earthquakes of Haiti combined. According to Oxfam the amount of funds which have been donated has been slow compared with the response to other recent humanitarian crisis such as the Haiti and Pakistan earthquakes.

To help raise funds for the 15 million people affected by the Pakistan floods the ‘Life Goes On’ mixtape will be available to download online for a donation. The mixtape features 30 exclusive grime, UKG, dancehall, and UK funky tracks by Maxwell D. The mixtape will be available to download from on the 30th of September.


What can your donations provide

£7.50 can buy a hygiene kit for a family of six so that children and their families can keep themselves clean and prevent disease

£15 can buy a ‘baby care kit’ to help mothers who have been forced to leave their homes to keep their babies clean and dry

£51 can provide a household kit for families who have been forced to leave their homes. The kit contains a floor-mat, lantern and water cooler, as well as everything a family of six needs to cook and prepare food for their children, and protect their sleeping area against malaria-carrying insects.

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