Drawing on the influences of Lil Wayne and Biggie Smalls, Mayze and SJM deliver a powerful and varied performance on their album Organized Chaos.

Trying to explore a number of personal and universal ideologies, Mayze and SJM delve into their desires and the journey of their passion for music.

Both SJM and Mayze grew up in conflicted areas on the outskirts of Toronto. Having to deal early on in life with the loss of friends and family, both wanted and needed a viable outlet. During high school, the pair met and struck up an irrefutable chemistry that is evident in the cohesion of their lyrical content and delivery. SJM was inspired by poetry from the age of 12 and how dependant on the content you could hold an entire crowd’s attention and manipulate their reception based around that.

Saturated pitched 808’s and reverb-drenched piano layered with crisp drums set the tone perfectly throughout Organized Chaos. These simple yet effective components lay the groundwork for versatility and allow both SJM and Mayze to easily convey the raw nature and content of their lyrics. The sincerity of what they both have to say and the fact that they are based around real experiences allow the listener to really connect with the music. The influences of notorious hip-hop poets such as Tupac and Old Wayne are clear and showcased by the duo’s diverse subject matter and rhythmic delivery.

With a whole crew behind SJM and Mayze the duo have no end of support, even going to the extent of making personalised merchandise. This, coupled with a growing online demographic ensures that SJM and Mayze will continue to gain attention, especially if they persist in their branding.

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