mazda mx5 review

We had the pleasure of test driving the awesome new Mazda MX5- 2.0 litre convertible for 7 days.

On a first glance you will see that the Mazda MX5 has more curves than Kim Kardashian West, more eloquence than Kate Middleton, more brut force than Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and the actual drive of the car gives you that feeling of being Vin Diesel is Fast and Furious.

The exterior is a true work of art, streamlined curves and lines, sleek and uber sexy. The Mazda MX5 is the remix of the classic MX5, that’s here to make a statement.

Raise The Roof

Life’s good when your bombing down country lanes in a drop top, brand spanking new Mazda MX-5 on route to the Goodwood Festival of speed to experience ‘Raise The Roof’ and witness the launch of the Mazda MX-5 RF.

mazda mx 5 at good wood 2

That’s exactly what we did in June and we had such a good time. Mazda’s ‘Raise The Roof’ event saw live performances by Bassroots, Voodoo Love Orchestra, Mamas Gun, House Gospel Choir, Chainska Brassika and the Riot Jazz Brass Band. Hosted by Royal Organ Duo and DJ spinning the decks Lulu Le Vay, the Raise The Roof event was a welcome treat to the Goodwood Festival of speed.

mazda mx 5 at good wood

The rain had stopped, we had arrived in the car park and ventured into the event. To the left of us was the new Mazda MX-5 RF in silver, to the right of us what the stage and the musicians and all around was onlookers getting their first glimpse of the new Mazda.

mazda mx 5 at good wood

As we walked a little deeper into the festival of speed and ventured over the bridge across the race track, we come across the other Mazda stand with the latest Mazda’s all on display. Even though the rain had started again, but this didn’t stop the fun.

Click on the instagram post below to watch this awesome stunt video.

Mazda MX5 RF Review.

The Red pill or the Blue Pill?

On the day of arrival 2 convertible Mazda MX5’s arrived outside of our office, one in red one in blue. We had a Neo in the Matrix moment when we had to decide whether to take the red pill or the blue pill. We took the red pill of course.

mazda mx5 in red and blue
The Mazda MX5, red or blue? you decide

Im 6ft 1 (6ft 3 on payday) and even though the Mazda MX5 seemed small, I was able to fit comfortably in the drivers seat without any back pain or leg pain after a long days drive.

Exterior looks of shock and awe.

The moment you start driving the Mazda MX5 you will notice people looking at you. Whether they are walking down the street or driving behind you, the Mazda MX5 is a head turner. Picture a beautiful woman walking down the street in a revealing yet ever so elegant dress, where people simply have to stop and stare and you’ll get an idea of what it’s like to drive the Mazda MX5.

mazda mx5 review
The exterior of the Mazda MX5

The car handles almost go-kart like (in a good way), it’s ever so easy to drive. The steering is so responsive, you feel like you can dip into any corner at any speed at any time. The gear shifts and foot pedals are smooth and simply to use. You can change gears quickly and effectively, while keeping a smooth ride. Of course you can rip into it too, the car is so small and lightweight its very hard not to want to drive this car fast at all times.

mazda mx 5 review exterior

Interior comfort and styling.

The Mazda MX5 has clean lines all over. We had black leather seats and steering wheel, Sat Nav and CD player, although all I did was simply connect my phone to the bluetooth and played my music. There was also 2 x USB hubs in the car, so both passenger and driver could connect and or charge their phones.

mazda mx5 interior
The Mazda MX5 interior

The dashboard is simply and effective, no silly gimmicks will be found on the Mazda MX5, just everything you need for a good drive.

The black leather with red stitching was a treat, and having heated seats meant we need not fear those cold British mornings.

The Horses.

The model we test drove was the 2.0 (160ps) 6-speed manual, with a top speed of 133 mph (I took it to 120 mph on a motorway somewhere) and can accelerate from 0-62 mph in 7.3 seconds. Pretty fast right? And if you consider that this isn’t even the fastest model available, wait for the Mazda MX5-RF. Yikes!

mazda mx5 engine
Can you see the horses? The Mazda MX5 engine

The MX5 is very low to the ground, every passenger I placed in the car, sat down and said ‘Wow, this car is so low’. This gives the car great performance as this Mazda is the lowest centre of gravity to date.

A cost/price conversation with my Grandma.

One of the best things about the Mazda MX5 is the price. This little roadster is actually affordable, it’s not cheap but its affordable. You can easily have this as your first or second car without having to re-mortgage your house of cash in your inheritance.

My Grandma saw the car outside of her house when I went to visit her and this is how the conversation went…

Granda: Is that the new car you mentioned outside?
Me: Yes Nan, that’s the one.
Granda: Oh, isn’t it gorgeous, so beautiful, how much does it cost to buy?
Me: Under £25,000
Grandma: You’re joking. That’s the same price as a normal, standard car, that can’t be right?
Me: I know right, you’d assumed it costs a lot more.
Grandma: I think I want one (winks and smiles and walks off in the front-room).

mazda mx5 review

Get one now

This car is perfect for the speed freaks and roadster loving men and women out there. The convertible is a simple click and drop and easy to use. You’ll be on your knees every night praying for sunshine in order to drop the roof and drive.

For more information or to request a test drive simply go to

All-new Mazda MX-5: #ReasonsToDrive

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