Famously known for their roles as the twosome that play drug-dealing sidekicks to James Franco’s Alien in the hit most outrageous movie Spring Breakers, starring (all grown up) Disney’s stars Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens. Harmony Korine, Spring Breakers film director, producer, screenwriter and author first discovered Sidney and Thurman Sewell after an interview they did with VICE went viral.

The Identical twin brothers wear the same clothes, do the same things and claim to sleep with the same girls. Oh, and did I mention that they’re paralegals by day? Whether you want to believe their story or not, it’s hard to argue with the fact that these guys obviously have a clear idea of what they want – money, fame, girls! And they know just how to use their personas to get them. Flavourmag spoke to the duo to get the real juice on what life is like as the ATL Twins.

Spring-Breakers-UK-DVD-3dFirst things first apart from your major role in the movie Spring Breakers (which we’ll get to soon) what is your story? How will you best describe yourselves?
We are twins that love to Fuck all the bitches, we are real arse twins who just love to get money, though we are nice guys people see us as the ‘dopest’ twins alive who get a lot of money but where actually real cool guys and lay back.

What life like growing up?
We actually grew up in North Atlanta. Life was rough, we were like on welfare and shit living in fucked up houses though its all good now, we’re living in a penthouse right now literally as we speak we are looking out at the most amazing view. We are real hustlers and we worked our arses off to get where we are now and its nice waking up to women everyday from the night before.

We hear you guys share literally everything from the clothes on your back to the women you sleep with how similar are you really?
Literally we are the same person split in two. One is right-handed and the other is left-handed, we never split up.

One interesting fact I know about you is that your both paralegals by day, explain how you came about working for legal law.
We had shitty arse jobs before we never went to school or anything like that it just happened that one of our homies hooked us up with an attorney we started doing little jobs here and there at the firm then when we actually got the job there we worked our arses off we where that hungry and determined.

You seem to live such wild outrageous lives is this true or are you the average Joe in real life what’s a day like for ATL twins?
We always have fun when we get with our homies we just turn it up but its more fun when we travel, we just love to party!

ATL_Twins 2

Ok you share the same women this could get messy I’m sure. Has there ever been a case where one is in love and the other is just not feeling the girl?
Between us no, may be when we have more than one girl with us we have our favorites but other than that no.

Has there ever been a special one woman?
Yes, she broke our heart we where with her every day, she was at school and things started to change, we where actually with her for five years engaged and everything, she was a really beautiful girl, she thought we weren’t doing anything and wanted to change us, because all we wanted to do was skate. We are actually still cool with her today.

You’re both famously known as the twosomes, who play drug-dealing sidekicks to James Franco’s Alien from the movie the Spring Breakers, How did you mark this role having no acting experience?
Were hustlers we just don’t give a fuck. We didn’t give a fuck that we didn’t have acting experience we weren’t scared or shit it was easy as we had to just play ourselves which made it easy for us.

ATL Spring Breakers

One thing I like about you both is that you’re so out-there and could really give a flying monkey what anyone else thinks about the way you two are. So what was it like working on set with former Disney girls, Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens?
Fun, dope, pretty boogie and proper Hollywood like royalty, they didn’t play that shit with us though Selena Gomez was mad cool she was are favorite. She has the most amazing personality and had a bodyguard with her on set the whole time, she’s actually fucking dope. She changed her number so we lost contact, we’ll definitely see her again though.

What are you both most passionate about?
Money, Success and Women.

What else can we expect from the ATL Twins in the near future?
We have all kinds of shit coming, you guys will see. We’re just going to pop hard

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Spring Breakers is out now on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download courtesy of Universal Pictures