Picture this. You have all the control in the world, everything you want to happen, happens.

If you went into a bar and clicked your fingers all the girls would come running, if you stepped out of your car the rain would stop pouring. Sounds like the good life right?

Well take a look at this cool advert for Tena Men, if you errr cannot handle your leakage, then Tena Men is for you. Instead of getting all technical and writing wonderful editorial on why Tena Men is a great product and why you might need it, we feel this cool advert says it all.

So its time to meet Stirling Gravitas, gold medalist at life. I man of true stature, someone you can look up to, a James Bond like character that you can follow in twitter We love the scene in the lift and the super-fast parallel parking. watch it right until the end for the punchline.

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