Conrad Murray’s trial has been delayed over an ongoing feud between L.A County D.A and LAPD over Dr Murray’s surrender. The argument is escalating over the plans for the trial. 020409_michael_jacksonMuch plotting and scheming seem to be underlying the case. To the LAPD’s outrage, the L.A County D.A has apparently been keeping the LAPD in the dark and arranging plans with Murray’s lawyers for him to voluntarily surrender.

From these plans it had been agreed that Dr. Murray would be driven to court by his lawyers and able to walk into court without handcuffs or chains. However the LAPD totally object to these plans and want Dr. Murray to wear handcuffs or chains – something they say is standard for those involved in homicide cases.

But now that the LAPD have found out, the plan has fallen apart! It looks like Dr. Murray will face arrest even before his trial.

One of Dr Murray’s lawyers Ed Chernoff has argued on his website that an arrest of Dr Murray would be a waste of time, money and resources. LAPD disagree completely.

Words by Melissa Lewars