When you hear the words fixing Barbie it instantly makes you think what’s wrong with Barbie? Well this is what Michaela is trying to rectify with this album. With tracks like ‘Love is’, ‘Next’ and ‘Beautiful’ we realise just what she’s trying to say about Barbie and to woman worldwide. What is that exactly? To be empowered. However if you’re thinking that this album is all male bashing then you’re completely wrong! Tracks like ‘Ode to a supermodel’ and ‘Coffee in the morning’ are simply hilarious and are just a glimpse into how great a poet she really is. The language is not something that will go completely over your head but rather you’ll be able to relate and see things from her perspective.

Michaela: The Birth of a Poet Fixing Barbie out now


Review by Denise Kodia

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  1. This video is so funny lol, love it.
    Got the album and absolutely love it. An absolutly God Blessed girl. You will definately see me at the her next show!

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