Michele was no stranger to keeping active as a youngster, growing up in Bromont, Canada, popular for mountain biking and skiing.

She also took up gymnastics, figure skating and soon enough she realised her passion was always in fitness. Starting up sprinting did cause some knee problems for Michele though, which was a big blow to her lifestyle. Soon she got herself back up by starting weight lifting, as well as studying massotherapy. But now had she found another obsession – nutrition and training – taking her body and lifestyle into a super hot direction as a fitness model. At 30 years old she is hitting her peak so don’t miss out! We caught up with Michele as she talks about her experience in training and she also gives some tips for those who desire to look and feel just as good.

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The gym must be a second home to you – since what age did you take fitness into a passion?
I’ve always been involved in sports. I did 12 years of track and field and every sport that I did was in a competitive way. There was a time when the gym was my second house yes. But my priorities have changed now. I am looking for more balance and present a healthy and sexy package instead of a depleted, too lean and shredded body. I still love going to the gym but I take everything in moderation now.

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How do you find the balance of keeping fit while maintaining womanly curves?
Well, I’m a woman with curves. I have come to build a curvy body and I transformed by body over the years into a curvier and sexier body. I love working out, it’s my passion but for me, there is nothing more attractive than a strong, fit physique that’s feminine and curvy at the same time. I don’t have to force it too much, my body is naturally curvy I guess!

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What are the particular exercises to enhance a woman’s figure rather than ‘masculizing’ it?
Lifting heavy weights at some point “sculpt” the body. If you want a rounder butt or thicker legs, you’re going to go for weights and go for that roundness. If you have a healthy and balanced diet, you should be lean, but still keep a body fat that is fairly normal on a woman. Squatting is the number one exercise that every woman should do. It targets your legs, butt, hamstring and shape the legs very well if you do it right. Smile also, don’t be afraid to do cardio like sprints or running, it also shapes your quads and butt smile.

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What does your daily routine go like?
I do cardio pretty much every day and I split my body in two days – lower body and upper body. I do circuit training, trying to maintain the body I have now and keep my body fat where I’m comfortable with.

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For those with time short on their hands on a daily basis, what kind of workout would you suggest for fast-burning calories?
I would recommend circuit training with cardio. Instead of doing weights for 45 minutes and then a cardio session for 30 minutes, you do everything in one. So you have a series of exercise that you do one after the other then hit the treadmill for 5-10 minutes between each circuit. So you keep your heart rate up, you burn a lot of calories because your non really stopping. You’re constantly moving.

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What is your favourite workout?
I like anything that’s conditioning, pliometrics, cross fit type of training. I like to sweat and I like to do as much as I can in an hour.

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How do you think fitness should be encouraged more?
Well I think fitness has grown a lot in the past couple of years. If you check in the fitness industry, there are much more competitors at every level, it’s more accessible and fitness models are the “new” fashion models.

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And on the other side, you have a country that is getting worst and worst with obesity, more kids that suffers from obesity. But at the same time, people are putting together programs to help them lose weight. The biggest loser and all these shows are there to help the population to get away from obesity. So I think we’ve just got to keep doing what we started. And don’t’ give up on these people. Almost every fast food restaurants have a healthy menu so there is no reason NOT to start the process of losing weight.

Interview by Saima Azam