A little while back I featured a brilliant retro sounding hip-hop banger called Ping Pong featuring the tongue in cheek lascivious verbals of one T T The Artist. It was a track that you might find a little shocking courtesy of TT’s sexually charged verbals but evidently it was track that you just could not help hear all the way to its bouncing end.

The track was produced by the Baltimore producer and all round creative Mighty Mark. Well off the back of that, I just had to get an interview with the man behind that cracker and find out what exactly makes him tick and indeed his future plans to bring his music to the US and of course the UK!

Give a bit of back story on you and your musical journey.

I have been producing since about 2006. I started off rapping and running the hip hop club at my high school then in late 2006 a friend gave me a copy of FL Studio. I was amazed at the idea of rapping to my own beats and it was over from then. I was always into all aspects of music production, writing, a little management and promotion. Currently, I have my Zoo On Mars Label which allows me to share some of my knowledge at the same time gain info from some dope Baltimore artists.

I love your sound which is an array of big beats and a slight retro feel.

Well my sound is deeply rooted in Baltimore Club Music and Bmore in general. I consider Bmore Club the most hip hop form of dance music or EDM if you want to use that term. I always like my tracks to sound raw and in your face. Distorted but still clean …perfect but extremely flawed at the same time.

I took notice of you with that banger of a track Ping Pong which is to a three way collabo between you, the brilliant Sushi Samson and of course the rather hot TT The Artists.

Ping Pong is a 3 way collaboration between co producer Sushi Samson, the vocalist TT The Artist and I. Sushi makes a lot of dope juke stuff and I had found a remix of one of my tracks he did on soundcloud. I liked the track so much I asked him if he wanted to collab on something. I asked him to send some juke style drums to me and I’ll add the melodies and handle the vocal parts. TT came up with an amazing hook I chopped the beat up added some trap elements at the end and that was a wrap.

I really love TT The Artist’s swagger was it a done deal that she would be on that track once you heard her?

For sure! I hooked up with TT through a mutual producer friend who suggested she feature on a track I produced for a Da Yo Boyz – Fukizuyo project called Let Me Show Em. A few months later her manager reached out to me about working on more stuff with her. We linked up and we been rocking ever since she is actually with my ZOME label.

Of course you have your ep Mighty-more of the same like Ping Pong?

Mighty is my new EP that dropped via Moveltraxx. Mighty is my first ep under my ‘Mighty Mark’ moniker and it serves as an introduction to the future of my sound. I have traditional club tracks on the ep like Cherry Hill and Down Ya Block but then you have vogue and juke inspired tracks like Girls and Ping Pong respectively. With this ep I’m trying to shed light on the Mighty sound; hard drums loud synths and stabs so look out because I should be in the UK in January.