mike-jones-1Mike Jones, Who? We know you don’t need to search for the answer to this question anymore after he alerted the world to his presence with his 2005 debut album Who Is Mike Jones went double-platinum. He blew on the scene with Still Tipping featuring fellow hometown heroes Paul Wall and Slim Thug and now the Houston, Texas rapper is back harder and fresher with his second album The Voice and to prove he still has what it takes to remain in the game, his first single Next To You is already creating a buzz on radio.Who can we expect on your new album The Voice? T-Pain, Lil’Wayne, Bobby Brown, TI, Trey Songz and Mannie Fresh.

Have you used the voice effect vocoder?
Yeah, I only used it for On Top Of The Covers. It’s really a futurist song – it’s not going to be a single and I just thought – you know – I’m doing what the regular Mike Jones fans want to hear.

Do you feel that you have to have certain producers to produce your tracks in order to get recognised?
Arh no, my first record “Still Tipping” took off. I don’t get tracks of celebrity names, but rather a banger that is going to have me.

You’re known for rapping your name along with your mobile number. How are you going to promote your second album?
I mean I’m still going to promote it the same I have been promoting it. But I do have a few things up my sleeves that I don’t want to reveal yet so people don’t copy – so just wait and see.

What has been the craziest conversation you’ve had with a fan?
None yet. Thank God I have not gone through that yet. I mean people call to show love.

Are you worried releasing your album in the current economical climate?
Not really, I mean people know whom they want to buy and what they want to buy. You know, the world was going through the state it was going in and Lil’Wayne sold a million in its first week. People still know if they want to buy something they are going to buy it. People don’t stop rapping in general, because of the state we are in.

On your first album you have a song called 5 Years From Now. Now it has been 4 years since you made that track. Have you reached your goals you set in the song?
Arh not yet – and the reason it has been almost 4 years ago is because of the politics that happened with my last label. Even though I was successful with everything the politics stopped me from releasing my second album. I mean this year and next year I’m going to come out to what the song 5 Years From Noww is about.


And have you set yourself new goals for the next 5 years?
Well for the next 5 years, I just wanna start working on my new album called “Expect The Unexpected” which is going to be released the fourth quarter of 2009.

Already? You do work hard.
I went through so much time delay with my 2005 double platinum album to now, that I don’t want to wait no more. I have the politics sorted out.

The Notorious B.I.G film has just been released in the UK this weekend. Have you seen the film?
No not yet, I mean I have heard a lot about it and I am a big fan of Notorious. I’m just glad that they showed the people how Biggie came up in the game.

Would you like a film to be made about your life?
Well I have my own movie called “American Dream” and it’s the version of my life.

You have featured in Punk’d, Prison Break and The Game. Will you be starring in any TV programs this year?
Not yet, my main thing is to get the album out and get back to where I was last at and then call the TV agents.

Can you tell us more about your company and Club called “Ice Age”? How did it come about?
Ice Age is a label that I owe and represent and ‘erm Ice Age is definitely who I’m working with to build a name to stay. You have to put a lot of work; time and stuff to just make the club stuff going. You know what I’m saying, we are on the verge of bringing the club back, once we get close to the release date of the album, so Ice Age is on the way.

What would you say is the most satisfying part of your job?
Being there for my family to take care of things, it’s definitely a great thing.

So it’s not the lifestyle of a rapper that interests you?
No, that is the last thing I’m worried about.

You just performed the secret Myspace show with Lil’Wayne. What was that like?
That was cool, that was just really both of us doing a private show for Myspace – and he came through I came through and we both did our thing and that is what it was.

Recently in the news we have seen many rnb singers and rappers being convicted for crimes. Do you feel artists have a responsibility to their fans to behave in an appropriate way?

It’s kinda hard to put the pressureon us to be role models when a lot of people can’t keep their own self in line. It’s like we got to be the role model for them, but you can look outside and see them acting a fool just as much as a celebrity. People say, you are no different from us, we are all humans – but the minute a celebrity does what they do they holler – and that it what I think is not fair.

What advice would you give to an up and coming rapper?
Learn the politics before you even jump into the game. There is more to it then making hit records. You can have hit records all day but if you isn’t got politics in your favour then your going to get upset. Whatever profession you are trying to do, do your homework on it.

Would like to say a few words to your fans over here in the U.K?

Thank everybody in the UK for listening to me. You know I got my phone number: 281-206-4336 and you can holler at me at anytime that is my real cell phone number, just dial. April the 14th I’m dropping my second anticipated album.

Mike Jones, The Voice will br released on 14th April 2009

Words by Kat K