Mike ‘The Force’ shines a new light on 2020 with this massive House release! A Dj of many electronic genres, Mike is skilful and proves his name to be as important as the House music titans we know and love!

Sending us straight back to Ibiza, this track will have you reminiscing on sunshine and good times whilst also providing the urge to escape this year! For fans of David Guetta, Avicii and Afrojack, ‘Living in the Moment’ is a strong reminder to enjoy ourselves right now! With a music video that moves us, we’ll be holding onto this release for many summers to come!

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Beginning as a DJ in early 80’s Chicago, Mike ‘The Force’ has watched electronic music grow into what it is today and spent years playing alongside some of the best DJ’s in the USA. After purchasing a Roland Dr-660, he began music production and created underground beat/ sample trax throughout the 00’s. Expanding his sound to include analog synths, he released his first album in 2017 titled ‘Analog for a Digital World’ on his independent label ‘3rd Power Records’, which featured a founder of House music, Jesse Saunders, who mastered lead single ‘Tweeky Goodness’.

Following this came Electro House, Dirty Dutch, G House and Techno trax, with releases on labels: Phunk Junk, Amethyst Audio, LW Recordings and USUK Records between 2017-2020. In 2018 Mike released a single entitled ‘Speakeasy’, a 3 version classic piano house track with a 1920’s vibe, which featured a remix by the legendary Paul Johnson. Mike’s last album ‘Tilt A Wurl’ was a collection of Progressive House, Electro House, Dirty Dutch and EDM Trap, released in 2019.
Now, Mike ‘The Force’ saves 2020 with his brand new release which comes as a reminder that in today’s trying times, it is important to enjoy the simple things and ‘Live in the Moment’.