Introducing to The Millers Daughter. The sisters Christie and Louise Miller have announced the release date of their second single ‘Undeniable’ as August 25th. The album, ‘So Hollywood’ will also be released on Aug 25th.

For the album recording sessions, Christie and Louise worked with various producers, but continued to play a big part in the overall sound and direction at all times. Calling upon their incredibly quirky and impressive musical abilities as well as their innate belief in essentially being one person, they would wake up some mornings already both knowing that a song had to change, or that there was a new guitar part needed that they already knew how to play and it just always worked.

Watch the video above and see for yourself.

We got a few moments with the gorgeous sisters and asked them the pressing questions on how to date them. How you got your notepads ready?


What’s your ideal first date?
Skipping the first date awkwardness and not having one.

What are the things you shouldn’t talk about on a first date?
So I talk to my ex twice a week but we’re totally done or dates make me cringe.

Who is the last person on earth, you would go on a date with?
Mr Blobby, he’s a mess isn’t he. We would want to be able to enjoy dinner without having a custard pie in the face, plus isn’t he jobless now?

What was your biggest misconception with men while you where growing up?
That they bring you flowers and chocolates – that only lasts until you’re together.

On a bad date, whats your exit strategy?
Text a Friend to come and drag you out in a panic, as though something urgent has happened.

Do girls really kiss and tell?


Girls say a lot of sentences that men do not understand, can you translate these for us?

You want more than I’m prepared to give.
‘I can’t be bothered with you’.

“I need to focus on my career.”
That’s actually true for us, either you support me/us, and wait or you won’t.

“I wish it could’ve worked between us.”
( nobody wants to hear that, it’s so obvious) I think you’re a really nice person, I don’t want to hurt you, but I would rather just be friends’

“I’m not ready for a relationship right now.”
Usually that’s true.. But sometimes it’s just a girl trying not to hurt someone who’s just not for them.

“My feelings for you are too strong.”

‘I’m an absolute bitch saying this, because it’s leading you on and giving you hope, And obviously a complete lie, my feelings are too strong, so I never wanna see you again, um ok !?’… Not one we’d use!!

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