Misha B rose to fame as a semi-finalist on the X Factor. During the show Misha was highlighted as one of the stars and with her big personality and big voice she became one to watch. Misha’s style on the show was so different to everyone else and she definitely stood out from the crowd. Misha has kept true to her unique style, her sound and is looking forward to big things this year. Misha tells Flavourmag all about her life now, her music and what’s coming next.

After the X Factor
Misha left the X Factor with her reputation tarnished by the press after being labelled a bully by judge Tulisa. This may have dented her image on the X Factor, but the singer, songwriter and rapper soldiered on and found success outside of the talent show. She signed a record deal with Relentless Records and released her mixtape ‘Well Hello World’ in 2012. Misha has been going strong releasing singles ‘Home Run’ and ‘Do You Think Of Me’ last year with great success and has created a strong fan-base. Misha also joined Nicki Minaj on her Pink Friday Re-loaded UK tour at the end of last year.

“Since the X Factor life has been good. Good is an understatement, I’m actually living the dream – as cliché as it sounds. Last year my highlights were shooting my first video for ‘Home Run’, getting my first top-ten for ‘Think Of Me’ and touring with Nicki Minaj. Touring with Nicki was so sick! The tour was so much more than I expected it to be.”

This Year
Misha releases her second mixtape ‘Knock Knock’ this month and after the success of her first album we are all dying to know what this album is all about. We are also eager to find out what Misha’s plans for the year ahead are.

“My plan for this year is to keep up with the music, the tour and my album. ‘Knock Knock’ is all about my journey so far. An audio outlet of what I’ve been up to. The struggles, the emotional journey I’ve been on and the highs. If I could work with anyone next, it would be Labrinth, I just think he’s so cool and I’d love to just study in the lab!”

Misha B looks as stylish as ever for her Flavourmag photoshoot. Her style icons are Prince and Micheal Jackson and she is definitely a true fashionista, who has her own unique style.

“I believe that the clothes and the stuff we wear is a reflection of who we are and I would 120% like to start my own fashion line, in time. I prefer high-street clothes and I like to pick different clothes from different shops and then put an outfit together.”

The Fame Game
Misha has been through an incredible journey of highs and lows and we wonder whether she thinks fame has changed her? It can be hard for a normal person to become famous almost over-night and it must be a hard situation to deal with.

“Change is good. People always look at change when you become famous as something negative, but I think change is growth.”

“Change is good. People always look at change when you become famous as something negative, but I think change is growth. I’ve learnt so much about myself as an artist, music in general and life in general, so yeah I guess I have changed. There’s a very thin line between loving and hating fame. I love being able to inspire people through my music and meet my supporters, but on the other hand I’m a very free spirit and I’m very much the tourist now I’ve moved from Manchester to London, so I want to go shopping and I either have to keep my head down or get used to being recognised!”

But, this bubbly Mancunian girl hasn’t changed that much, she still makes her own bed, she chooses Brandy and Coke over Champagne and her most elaborate purchase is a Scooter! Has fame turned Misha into a diva? We’d say definitely not. She isn’t afraid of hard work and seems to have her feet firmly on the ground.  So what’s next for Misha B?

“I’d say a lot more music and expect the unexpected!”

The ‘KnockKnock’ mixtape will be out on Monday stay tuned to Misha’s Facebook page for more info: Facebook:

Twitter: @IamMishaB

Photography by Sai Photography

Make-up by Yasmina Bentaieb




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