I can certainly say that Miss Flavour is no ordinary competition, with no ordinary prizes.  I’m loving my new blinging Storm watch and loving even more my ne  wardrobe – if you see me I’m bound to be strutting an Apple Bottoms outfit. And, if that’s not enough I have a spa weekend at the plushest hotel to look forward to. But, I haven’t just been given my prizes and told to quietly go away. No, I have been crowned, and I have been worked. It’s no secret that I want to be a journalist, so you can imagine my excitement when I was sitting in BBC 1Xtra’s studio for my first radio interview with Sarah Jane Crawford. Believe it or not, that was only after the first week into my title as Miss Flavour 09. The interview was a success and Sarah couldn’t have made me feel more comfortable as we discussed the serious topic of bullying. She even put me on the spot to perform a classical piano piece on the keyboard!


Since then, I hit the TV screens and joined Flavour’s C.E.O Annika Allen for an interview with Eddie Kadi and Leah Charles on OHTV’s It’s All Good! We spoke about Flavour’s achievements and my feelings on winning Miss Flavour 09, and of course – it was all good! Eddie and Leah were vibrant presenters and kept the show highly informative but also full of laughter. When I watched it back I felt so proud to be an ambassador for Flavour.

Shortly after all of this, I attended the Black Tie Comedy Awards with Flavour’s Annika Allen and Leonard Foster. Hosted by Kojo and Rachel Ritfield it was a hilarious night. With my crown placed neatly on my head I sat amongst all the celebrities in the V.I.P Lounge whilst I had a few more interviews expressing my views on Flavour, and my hopes for the future. For the rest of the night I was in stitches. When comedians like Slim, Kevin J and Glenda Jaxson took to the stage all I could do was laugh, people near me were almost dancing in their seats! The jokes were hilarious and the performances by dance group Stateless, Young Nate and Maleka kept the night full of energy.

And so here I am. It’s nearly a month since I became Miss Flavour 09, and so far I’m on a roll! I can’t wait for more incredible opportunities to come my way so look out for me soon.

Black tie, comedy awards 2009 002

Words by Melissa Lewars Miss Flavour 2009