I have to get straight to the point and tell you that the past two weeks have been absolutely crazy. I haven’t had a minute to breathe!It’s not easy being a career woman ( I have 2 jobs) and having a social life. Though I think I do quite a good job at it. Also, being Miss Flavour, I have to put in effort. That’s one of the reasons I went to ‘The Sunday Show’.  I wanted to go to because I was offered the opportunity to perform my poem ‘I Know a Black woman’ (The poem I performed at the Miss Flavour 2008 final).

I was called a ‘poet’ which was pretty overwhelming as I don’t really write poetry often. However, I did get pretty excited about performing it to those who had not heard it. It was also great to find out that my friend Deena Woollard ( Miss Flavour 2008 3rd Place finalist) was going to be performing her poem also.

The night was a major success and the vibe was amazing. I know that all of you can relate to this. There was no negativity, just a pure, positive vibe and it was great to be there. People like Napper and all the other wonderful creators of the ‘Sunday Show’ should be really proud of their efforts. There were so many positive people there including singers and comedians. The poet Clarity was one that had a lasting effect on me. Her poems were deep and they dealt with issues that many people could relate too. She delivered her poetry with such feeling that it really affected me. There was one poem where she talked about the difficulties she faced as a young woman growing up and being of mixed raced heritage. Although, of course I am not mixed raced myself, I could emphasise with her situation and it made me realise just how many complex issues mixed race people have to deal with.

It was also good to have good music blarring in the background! Now I realise this is pretty random but I cannot take it when DJ’s play rubbish music. This DJ was skilled however, and he had me bouncing up and down all night. It was also great to catch up with some friends. Miss Flavour 2007-Yondie Murray was there and she looked HOT! Then I hooked upwith Dannielle Miller, a model who I have to say is seriously talented, but is yet to get, in my opinion the recognition she deserves. I also had the pleasure of seeing Eboni Burrows- stylist for the Miss Flavour 2008 and another fellow contestant known by the name of Bianca Simmone.- This girl is serious, check out her site.

The night was wicked and even though I shouldn’t be shy, I mean I walked up and down on stage in a bikini in front of how many peoplefor the Miss Flavour contestant? However, I still blushed when someone shouted out ‘Big up the Flavour girls’It’s going to take a while before I get used to being called that but I am loving every minute!

It was also great catching up with a few known celebrities in the shape of Mr Midas, Arnold Oceng from Kiddulthood/Adulthood and photographer Rae Qkwon- I mean this man is a LEGEND!! And the So Solid Twins. I’m still pretty much overwhelmed by their performance. It was incredible and I am even more impressed because they used to go to my secondary school. It’s such a nice thing to see people you knew when you were younger grow up and move onto bigger and better things.

Overall, the night was a success and I am looking forward to going back to the next one.

PS: The next show is Sunday 30th November at Clerkenwell House, EC1N 8JJ

Check it out- you won’t regret it!