Recently we were invited to the Mixed Chicks launch event in London’s Piccadilly Institute, curly girls were invited to a sex in the city style event to enjoy a selection of cocktails and nibbles.

The ladies behind the range Kim Etheridge and Wendi Levy had jetted over from the US for the occasion, and shared their story of how the inspiration for the product line came about, both being of mixed race descent, like myself they recalled humorous stories of their childhood of the various experiments their hair had gone through over the years, and due to their frustration of not being able to find products for mixed hair types, they decided to go forth and launch their own range. With celebrities such as Halle Berry raving about their products I was keen to see what they had to offer.

We watched live demonstrations of how their products can tame curly manes, using the leave in conditioner from the line, and the difference was clear. Less frizz, more curl definition.

I was keen to try the samples for myself, as I like many curly chicks, have always wanted to find a product, which can maintain the curl pattern I have when my hairs wet, which is something the products claim to offer, they also recommend not scrunching the hair, like how we usually tend to do, when using mousse, gels and curl activator. And I followed the instructions when using the leave in conditioner, I definitely found my curls were more defined, and it left my usually dry hair feeling quite soft.

I enjoyed using the gloss and shining hair silk too, which works really well when you wear your hair straight, which I also often do. It’s nice and lightweight, and doesn’t weigh the hair down like how some serums can.

So overall, good news for us Curly chicks here in the UK!

Mixed chicks are available online and in selected salons across the nationwide for more info visit

Words: Siobhan Copland


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