There’s a new girl in town, trying to be different from everyone else. She calls herself Jasmine Tridevil and if you look at the photos below, you can see why.

Rumour has it that she wanted to make herself look unattractive to men, so she sought plastic surgery to get a 3rd breast just like the woman in “Total Recall”. After speaking to about 50 different Dr’s she finally found one who would do the surgery.

We are all up for people doing what ever it takes to make themselves happy, however is this too much?

We found the story on the International Business Times of all places. At present we are not sure that this is real, but the youtube video below looks pretty real.

Angela Bassett is currently playing a character called Desire Dupree in ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ which premiere’s on the FX channel Oct 8th. Which makes us also wonder if this is a marketing ploy that they wanted to go viral…


Do you believe this is real? Do you think that surgery like this should be allowed? Leave your comments below