more-sexA new survey shows young people have more partners than ever before!

The second ever national survey of sexual behaviour in Britain, published in The Lancet medical journal, reveals that in the last ten years, both men and women have been choosing to sleep with more people than ever before – but the increase is more remarkable among women.

Among today’s 16-24 year olds, 19.7% of men and 14.6% of women have already had ten or more partners. Among women aged 25-34, the proportion with ten or more partners rises to 22.7%. That’s already higher than the figure for women ten years older than them, the 35-44 year-old age group, at 19.4%.

Not only are younger people having more heterosexual partners, more people are experiencing gay relationships – one in 19 men and one in 20 women. Researchers found one in seven men and one in 11 women were involved in more than one sexual relationship at a time. More men are paying for sex – one in 23 in the last five years, rising to one in 11 in London.

In a special investigation, Flavour took to the streets of London to find out what our readers think about sex.

Name: Charlene Saunders
Age: 23
Sexual Partners: 7
Bedroom location: Islington, North London
Occupation: Law graduate

I experienced my first sexual relationship when I was 18 and my first few months were wild!

I slept with guys for the fun of it. Other then my first relationship, I’ve used all of my partners for sex – including two lesbian relationships. I used to think that I could only sleep with someone if I loved them but once I began my second sexual relationship with an exchange student (who totally used to live life in the moment especially when it came to sex), I realised that the best sex was always spontaneous with no strings attached.

Sex makes me feel and free and powerful! I’m never afraid to express myself and I love being in charge or in command – in others words, on top.

Name: Paul Anderson
Age: 19
Sexual Partners: 15
Bedroom Location: Brixton, South London
Occupation: Business student

I love sex and unless I have sex every day I can’t function properly. Some people have said that I’m a sex addict. Do I think so? Maybe? I had my first sexual relationship when I was 15 and have never looked back. I’m always careful because I’m not ready to be a father and I’ve had a STI before, which I never want to experience again – especially due to the embarrassment.

I suppose I view sex like exercise because it definitely keeps you fit and trim. I am attracted to all nationalities but I love girls with huge knockers. The bigger, the better.

Name: Kelly McDonald
Age: 23
Sexual Partner: 2
Bedroom Location: Seven Sisters, North London
Occupation: Medical student

I have only had two sexual relationships, which I’m very proud of. My first was sweet and innocent – my ex and I planned it for weeks so it could be special as it was both our first time. It was awkward at first but over time it became more enjoyable. However, our relationship eventually fizzled out.

I’m currently in my second relationship and the sex is great. I feel a lot more comfortable and willing to suggest more positions and games because I have grown more confident. I have always had a healthy sexual attitude and I’m not ashamed to express myself. Sex for me is all about intimacy and showing the person how much you love them.

Name: Mark Thompson
Age: 20
Sexual Partners: 0
Bedroom Locations: Ponders End, North London Occupation: Bank clerk

As a born again Christian I have decided not to have sex until I am married. I believe sex should only be experienced between married couples because it is a sacred and spiritual act. Many of my peers outside my church social circle think I am weird or lying, so whenever the topic comes up I choose not to get involved. People always make a big deal out of me being a virgin.

I do think about sex – but I want my first time to be shared with a woman who loves me and wants to share the rest of her life with me, and have children.

I think too many people my age take sex too lightly. They don’t recognise it as a sacred and spiritual act that should only be carried out if you’re married.

Name: Candice Hinds
Age: 23
Sexual Partners: Number not known
Bedroom Location: Aston, Birmingham
Occupation: Unemployed

Sex is the only thing that I feel I can control, which is why I love it so much. Society always looks down on sexually liberated women, which is so unfair because men who are like me are celebrated.

I had my first sexually experience when I was 14, which was pretty awful because we were drunk and didn’t know what we were doing. As I got older, sex improved greatly and now I think I am a sex expert.

I love having sex with both men and women, which are two very different experiences. Making love to men can be very intense, but a woman’s touch turns you on in different ways. If I had to choose who I enjoy having sex with more, I would say men, because I love the way I can make them do anything. But I would say women give me the best orgasm.

Name: Shaun Brian
Age: 26
Sexual Partners: Number not known
Bedroom Location: Hammersmith, West London
Occupation: Unemployed

I love sex and women. I think about sex every day and always have several girls on the go at any one time. I always have options and never sleep alone at nights. I have been in love once and I totally hated how being in love made me feel, especially because she eventually cheated on me.

After I broke up from my first sexual relationship I promised myself that I would never allow myself to fall for anyone else again and decided that once there were no feelings involved, sex was in fact more fun.

I suppose I do have a reputation but ironically that turns girls on. I have experienced pretty much everything when it comes to women including a threesome, orgy, cyber-sex and countless one-night-stands.

Name: Jonelle Wilson
Age: 24
Sexual Partners: 0
Bedroom Location: Seven Sisters, North London
Occupation: Shop manager

I am waiting for the perfect man to sweep me off my feet. I dream of him daily and until I find him I am not prepared to give it away.

I want my first time to be amazing. So many of my friends have had awful experiences, which I don’t want to happen to me. My grandmother always told me that I should see myself as the most expensive perfume in the shop, and that only one buyer can afford my price tag – so I am waiting.

I have had three boyfriends, all of whom I originally thought could be the one, but none of them were. Thank God I didn’t go all the way!

But don’t get me wrong. I love kissing and I’m not afraid to touch because I have to feel my potential love package. I’m not bothered how long it takes to meet my Prince Charming because I know that all good things come to those that wait.

Name: Aashif Muthuswami
Age: 21
Sexual Partners: 6
Bedroom Location: Docklands, East London
Occupation: Medical student

My first sexual encounter was with a paid service girl that my dad organised for my 15th birthday. My dad organised my pop-my-cherry party just like his dad did for him, and I suppose I will do the same one day for my son.

She was an older woman and did everything with me. She explored every part of my body and I did the same to her, so when I had my second sexual relationship I wasn’t shy and knew exactly what to do. I am currently in a relationship with an older woman and she has told me that I am her best lover because I know exactly what to do, which makes me feel like ‘I’m the man’.

Words by Janelle Oswald


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