Nema Kamar is one of the most sought after party events planners in New York City today. Creating an event for superstars is a big challenge it requires a keen ability to coordinate all the logistics in about a week’s notice and with style.

This interview with Nema previews what Celebrity Events Designing involves.


Tell us a little bit about Nema Kamar as a person?

I’m either a firecracker or I’m really quiet. I love being at home because I’m always around people; and music is my drug! it relaxes me when I am home and keeps me grounded.

What does a Celebrity Lifestyle Events Designer entail?

Creating unforgettable events for clients, where people can see exactly who they are.

How did you start off as a CelebrityLifestyle Events Designer?

I worked in night life for many years and loved seeing people happy but wanted to do something more high end, So I started Lavish Life, my events company

If you weren’t planning A-list parties what would you be doing instead?

Lol. I don’t know; maybe still struggling to make it as an actress.

What has been your best experience so far as a Celebrity Lifestyle Events Designer?

The respect I’ve gained and relationships I’ve built.

What has been your worst experience so far as a Celebrity Lifestyle Events Designer?

Running out of alcohol, Lol

Have you designed any celebrity events outside of the US?

Not YET…But soon!

Do you have any celebrity events planned for the UK?

I don’t have anything planned yet, but that is one of my goals. I absolutely love London and I’m dying to do an event there. I would love to do something for Madonna one day. I’m also a huge fan of Tinie Tempah.

If you could hold an event anywhere, where would it be? And what would be the theme?

Dubai would be the place and the theme would have something to do with raising money for Aids research! And I’d have David Guetta and Future the Prince as my DJ!

What does the New Year hold for Nema Kamar and Lavish Life your events company?

2012 will be extremely busy for me. I’m so blessed! I’ve signed up to do a reality show that is actually positive and I will continue to build myself and expand my company internationally.

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Twitter: @nemakamar

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