Over two thirds of 18-30 somethings get caught out by raunchy movie moments watched with parents, dutiful sons and daughters beware: new research reveals over 70% of 18-30 somethings have been embarrassed by unforeseen raunchy film scenes watched with their parents or in-laws.

From the cheeky making-of porn scenes in Love Actually, to the naughty opening scenes of Bridesmaids, millions of gift givers could be caught off guard this Mother’s Day, according to the research by there are several top tactics for avoiding this cringe-worthy viewing, which range from subtle… to shameless:

1.       Pretend to send a text message (28%)

2.       Try to diffuse embarrassment by making a joke about the raunchy scene (26%)

3.       Leave the room for a well-timed toilet break (23%)

4.       Try to divert attention by making polite conversation (18%)

5.       Skimming through a magazine or book (16%)

Other avoidance techniques include making a cup of tea (14%), changing the channel (12%) and even pretending to being asleep (7%).

Avoid that awkward raunchy scene with this cheeky scenes Cheat Sheet 

FilmCheeky SceneTime-code
BridesmaidsThe opening sex scene with Kristen Wiig and Jon Hamm trying out various positionsThe first minute – 00 – 1m
The NotebookRyan Gosling and Rachel McAdams’ steamy sex scene1hr 18m – 1hr 20m 21s
The DuchessThe ‘almost’ lesbian sex scene between Keira Knightley and Hayley Atwell38m 50s – 40m 12s
Water for ElephantsReese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson’s forbidden sex scene1hr 38m 12s – 1hr 39m 35s
Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn, Part 1Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s long awaited vampire/human sex scene34m 26s – 39m 47s and 41m 51s – 43m 23s
Love Actually
The ‘body doubles’ sex scenes between Martin Freeman and Joanna Page23m 45s – 24m 25s and 1hr 18m 25s – 1hr 19m
Black SwanThe lesbian dream sequence between Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis1hr 6m – 1hr 10m 45s

To find film inspiration this Mother’s Day – and for a full list of Cheeky Film Cheats – visit It offers all films, all above board, all in one place.



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