Cedric (Kevin Hart) and the gang are back in this hilarious follow up to Think Like A Man. This time we see the crew venture to Vegas for the wedding of Michael (Terrence Jenkins) and Candace (Regina Hall).

As you can guess nothing quiet goes strictly to plan. From the moment they step into the hotel disaster strikes. Cedric has left Gailzilla at home in order to have the stag party to end all stag parties but a misunderstanding over the price of the hire of “the villa” see’s the boys do whatever it takes to help Cedric raise the money to pay back a irate Gail. While the ladies have the mother in law from hell in Michael’s mother doing whatever she can to make the hen party as dull as dish water, that is until of course they pair her up with Candace “Mr Lover Lover” of an uncle Eddie (Dennis Haysbert), leaving the girls to party exactly how girls like to party, unfortunately the whole night ends with both groups spending the night in jail threatening the very wedding they are there to celebrate.

From the very moment this film starts it delivers line after line of silly laugh out loud comedy. What gets me is that Kevin Hart is just not afraid to play those roles where he looks like a complete prat every. Single. time. He knows what works for him and he does it so well. He also has the best lines throughout. The only downside to this is that you start to question can he play any other role but then way try anf fix something that ain’t broke right?

One of the stand out scenes, and one that is etched in my memory, is when the girls are partying in the club and Bel Biv Devoe’s song Poison is played. The girls go mental and the whole scene turns into a music video with even Ronnie Devoe making a little cameo appearance. The girls smash this scene and basically it upstages the whole film. The females do seem to completely stand out in this whole film and quite frankly come across as the ones who really do wear the trousers.

Not only is the film a comedy cracker but it most definitely is full of eye candy for both the sexes. For the man we have a gorgeous line up of Meagan Good, Regina Hall, Taraji P. Henson, Gabrielle Union as well as a testosterone filled scene at a top loss pool laced with bootylicious honies.

For the ladies well we may not have that many to lust over but Michael Ealy, Romany Malco and Terrance Jenkins alongside Kevin Hart’s impressive torso, especially when it comes to the strip scene, certainly will be enough of a feast for your eyes. We are also spoiled for a number of cameo appearances from Drake (who will have you in stitches), Floyd Mayweather Jr and Michael Bivins to.
With a thumping soundtrack, this light hearted disaster comedy ticks all the right boxes, it may lose a bit of momentum towards the end of the film making you feel a little flat after laughing hard for the best part of an hour and a half but it’s certainly the medicine that is needed to brighten up any dull day.

THINK LIKE A MAN TOO is released across the UK on 19th SEPTEMBER 2014

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