Not many of us get a holiday of a life time, however Davids holiday was exactly that; spotted by an A&R on holiday he was asked to send in his demo. Never in a million years would he have thought that his makeshift demo, recorded in his friends garage would call him to New York to be signed to ‘Violator’, home to Diddy, Mariah Carey and Busta Ryhmes. We caught up with Mr David ‘Fantastic’ John to find out a little more about him.

How did you get into music?
Since I was born I’m sure. My dad would play Elvis, Steve Wonder, Jackie Wilson and Roy Orbison all the time, I just grew up listening to a lot of music, it’s just built in or grows in to you. As I got older I started singing and performing and from there started writing and playing in school bands, the usual apprenticeship and a few dodgy bars and clubs in Glasgow.

How did you feel when Violator signed you?
To be honest I still can’t believe that. Even the chance of my tracks getting to their ears in the first place is like a million to one. And then to be working with them and be on board, well I don’t think that happens much especially where I come from.

Have you had a chance to hang with, Diddy, Mariah Carey or Busta Rhymes, seeing as they are also signed to the label?
I got the chance to hang with Diddy backstage at an after party when he was in Glasgow doing his MTV gig with Dirty Money. To say it was one of the highlights of my life is underestimated, and when they performed Mo Money More Problems well that was my night complete for me there and then. Also got to hang with 50 and G-Unit all good people, cool and chilled.

‘It was just a great feeling to walk into a store and pick up a CD with your name on it’

Who from the label would you most like to collaborate with?
Man prob need to be 50 or Diddy. Imagine both. That’d be crazy!

Tell us about the single and how it came about?
The single we cut in NY; I worked with Lil Eddie on this track. Had it for a little while always came across good and I thought it would be a good breaker for people to see what I’m about. It’s that guy fantasy; where you would love to be a James Bond type character, in this case Mr Fantastic. It’s pretty much about a guy who has it all and if he doesn’t have it he’ll buy it. Got that dance grime feel to the track with a summer time grove and fresh.

What projects or music are you currently working on?
I’m working on my album with producers and also my follow up single. I’m also featuring on Erick Morillo ‘Sympho Nympho’ album.

What advise would you give to people trying to make it in the music industry?
I would say you don’t need a record label to make great music. It’s all about the love of doing it. Have the right people around you whether you’re a singer working with producers and songwriters or whether you’re a producer and need the singer songwriters. Be positive and drown out any negativity, put yourself out there the best you can and take any chance that comes your way, you just don’t know where it will lead you. And don’t be disheartened with sat night singing shows.

If you weren’t doing music what would you be doing?
Probably working in Forbidden Planet.

How would you describe your sound? What makes it different to everything else out there?
My sound is Pop, R&B ultimately, but with this track I like to bring in the dance element. My sound is a cross of Pop, Dance and R&B and I feel the way the songs are structured and written is different from a lot out there. 

What’s your favourite song out right now?
Lil Wayne MIRRORS.

What has been your best or most memorable experience while pursuing music etc?
There’s been some great gigs but recently I got to go into HMV and buy Erick Morillo Sympho Nympho album which I feat on, and it was just a great feeling to walk off the street into the store and pick up a CD on the shelves which has your name feat on it! Especially with a legend like Eric.

Any last words?
This is just the beginning!

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