Mr Midas 4-pWe caught up with music artist and presenter Mr Midas, where he talks about hosting a new music show called ‘Boom TV’.

Not only is award winning dancehall artist Mr Midas currently presenting ‘Boom TV’ exclusively for 4Music and Kiss TV alongside the DJ Goldierocks, and Twin B, but he is set to release his new promo track ‘Try Make Me (Slow Down)’.

His energetic flow with a sweet boy persona and cleverly crafted lyrics ‘Try Make Me’ is a lively feel good party tune which is inspired from Midas’s Jamaican roots. The song encourages you to party and the ladies to in Midas words ‘Whine there waist down’ with a festival style electro mix from Richie Fargas (Kelis, Ellie Goulding) and with a fast paced funky house mix from legendary producer Sticky (Ms Dynamite – Booo!) ‘Try Make Me (Slow Down)’ releases on 1st November and is bound to get the clubs bouncing.

The 26-year-old South Londoner also gives his honest opinions on the latest gossip in the industry, so read on!

What is Boom TV?
Boom TV is an urban music show running weekly on 4Music and Kiss TV, it’s similar to T4 where 3 presenters me, Twin B and Goldierocks interview and present the hottest music television.

How did you get involved in the show?
I was contacted by The Box TV about a new show they were casting for and it went from there really… Was a lot of work though, no easy ride!

Tell me about your new single Try Make Me Slow Down?
OMG it’s amazing, it started as an angry song when I felt that everyone around me was trying to hold me back an slow me down, but grew into so much more… With 3 versions there’s something for everyone.

Tell us a secret about your co-hosts?
[Laughs] Goldierocks can whine that booty, she could be a dancehall dancer.

What’s your favourite music video at the moment and why?
Cee Lo’s F**k You, songs great love the video, he starts as a kid then a teenager trying to impress a girl who doesn’t want him then as an adult he’s the man!!… A bit like me really [laughs]

What’s your worst music video at the moment and why?
Alexandra Burke new video… Too much half naked men!

Who is the sexiest UK female artist?
Hmm can I give you 3? Not in order but 1) Alesha Dixon is so stunning and really down to earth, 2) Vanessa White from The Saturdays is hot. I haven’t met her yet but would like too. And 3) Alexandra Burke is looking very hot lately, new stylist is working good.

Which music  artist should give up being an artist altogether?
[Laughs] Whoa, too many to name, I would be here all day.

Who should never dance again?

Darren Michaelanglo Smith (musical)

What song gets you in a romantic mood?
I love slow jams, you know right now I’m loving “Invented Sex” remix feat Keri Hilson & Usher… Not sure if romantic’s the word!

Which song irritates you so much that you feel like blocking your ears?
Anything by Jason Derulo

Who is the UK equivalent to P. Diddy?

Hmm he’s a better MC then Diddy but just cause his power cards in the game I’d say Megaman

Who is the UK equivalent to Rihanna?

Dunno, when you find her hook me up! Me love some Rhi Rhi.

Who has the hottest flow in grime and why?

Hottest? Dunno… But Eminem’s flow is insane, swear he flows on drugs! Mad sick head no good!

Who would you recommend people to follow on Twitter?

Easy… Mr Midas at

When and where can viewers catch BOOM TV?
Catch Boom TV every Thursday from 9pm 4music and Every Saturday from 9pm Kiss TV…

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