Ms Dynamite

The music starlet has been drafted alongside Doctor P and Bar9 to perform at Eat My Beat a night held at the oldest dance club in The UK.

What’s your favourite drum n bass memory?
There are way too many to have one favourite memory. I remember loosing my mind the first time I heard tracks like ‘Helicopter’ ‘Wolf’ and so on.. and although these would be classed as ‘jungle’, in my opinion they are from the same root!

I remember going back to back with Skibba, Det and Shabba as a teenager, when my dad had booked them and Brockie to come and do a set at his rave in East Grinsted, words couldn’t define how that made me feel!

What can people expect from your performance at The Warehouse?
Energy energy energy!

What’s you favourite DnB song or/and MC? And why?
Again I can’t really put it down to one MC or song, I’d say ‘Incredible’ by General Levi was a real ground breaker back in the day, the vibe and movement/success of that track inspired me in a way that not many songs had been able to do. It was a totally street track, a underground track and it was ‘HARD’, to see it gain chart success and mainstream attention the way that it did, felt like doors had been opened and boundaries had been pushed!

I’d definitely say Skibba, Det and Shabba are three of the alltime finest!!!

What are you working on musically at the moment?
Finishing my album.

A lot of talent is popping out of London this year, how do you feel about the competition?
Music has never been and never will be a competition for me. Its an open field where I express myself freely, who can express me, better than me?… where’s the competition in that?

What would you consider to be the most important element of music, in terms of creating an impact in today’s generation?
I think integrity is important! Not just important in music but in everything we do, and especially if we are trying to make an impact on todays generation!

What’s the biggest challenge you face now?
My biggest challenge is the same as its always been… ‘myself’ (Laughs)

You’ve got a sexy, sassy and confident style to your voice and personality – what do you like people to say about you?
To say something about my music and to say something about ‘me’ is two different things. Obviously I love when people can relate to my music, when it touches them through lyric or vibe, and when they find escapism or an avenue to express themself within it.

But ultimately I don’t mind AT ALL if people dislike my music, I don’t like all music, why should ‘everyone’ like mine… its just opinions!?

And if we’re talking about what people say about ‘me’ as a person, well they’d have to know ‘me’ and be someone I hold in high regard for me to genuinely value there opinion of me.

Its great to be liked and it feels good making others feel good, I adore being what i feel is a ‘likable’ person… but im not everyone and im not going to be everyones cup of tea, so again, its opinions.

My hearts in the right place, but you can’t please everyone (Laughs)

X-Factors back. What do you think about public talent searches like that?
I dont really have an opinion one way or the other to be honest, there are some great acts, its a TV show, its a business, people buy into it, who am I to knock it?

Do you have any tips for new artists trying to get noticed in the industry?
Advice is always given on such a ‘general’ basis, but in an industry where there is often little room for genuine individualism, I would say BE YOU.. and any advice after that would need to be given on an individual basis.

So what’s life like for Ms Dynamite outside of music? You have always managed to stay looking good. How do you do it? Do you have a good exercise or healthy eating regime?
Have I? Thanks (Laughs)!… I just started training this year, but have spent less of the year NOT training than training.

Do you have a beauty regime? If yes what products do you use?
I’m not too fussed, I have sensitive skin, so products that are not going to irritate it, but I like to try to keep it as natural as poss to be honest.

“I dress for comfort first 99% of the time… when you see me in 8 inch heels, thats the 1%”

Do you eat healthily? 
I like to ‘think’ I eat relatively well, I’m a vegetarian and dont ‘really’ eat fast foods. I love my salads and veg, particularly hard food!

How would you describe your style of dress?
Comfortable, I dress for comfort first 99% of the time… when you see me in 8 inch heels, thats the 1%! (Laughs)

How hard is it for you to juggle motherhood and a career?
It is a challenge without a doubt and there aren’t many days that I dont feel a little maternal guilt, or that I don’t question what, how or why I do the things I do.

But my son is my world and somehow we find a great balance, he is so amazing and supportive, he comes to shows and to the studio with me, he is my biggest inspiration!!!… this feels right in my soul and that is the driving force, along with a very supportive mum and family!

Ms Dynamite will be performing at The Warehouse on October 20th. Click here for tickets.