The show that turned the UK music industry on its head in 2010 has returned to highlight the achievements of UK MCs from the genres of grime and hip-hop and rank those who  shone the most in 2011. For the second time MTV did the almost impossible, yet achievable task of debating, discussing and compiling a list of the Best of the Best UK MCs!

The panel this year consists of the following industry experts, who are leaders in their chosen fields for the biggest companies in our scene: Charlie Sloth-BBC Radio 1Xtra/Radio 1 DJ, Posty-CEO of, Joseph ‘JP’ Patterson-Editor of MTV: The Wrap Up, Laura ‘Hyperfrank’ Brosnan-Music Journalist, Morgan Keyz-SB.TV Music Video Director, Nardene Scott-RWD Magazine Senior Writer, The show is once again, hosted by BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Vis.

To compile the list, the panel were asked to select their own 10 individual best MCs of the year based on the following criteria:

Buzz – Which MCs created the most hype online, on TV and in the streets?
Impact – Which MCs influenced the scene commercially and on the underground? Emceeing Ability – Who displayed the best lyrics, flow and content in their music?
Acclaim – Which MCs got the most praise from DJs, journalists, and the fans?
Charisma – Which MCs set trends, introduced new styles and elevated themselves and the scene in the UK and overseas?

Once all the panellists’ nominations, which consisted of 90 names submitted by 6 panellists as well as 3 members of the MTV talent team, were scored and averaged, the 10 MCs with the highest scores were put into descending order from 10-1.

Check out the first 5 MCs 10-6, this Friday at 5pm over on MTV’s urban destination,

MCs 5-1 will be revealed on Monday 23, MTV Base, 9.30pm.

Who will be crowned the best MC of 2011? Let the debate begin!