So here we go with another new series about an outbreak of vampires, werewolf’s and zombies this time set in the San Fernando Valley – heard it all before? Think again…

Personally, I’m a big vampire movie/tv series fan even though the whole vampire, werewolf thing has been over done, over hyped and over sold so we were intrigued to take a look at this new horror-comedy. Death Valley however, is different. There’s none of that slushy teenage angst romance tripe, but what there is in it’s place is good comedy.

Just watching the trailer made us chuckle a few times; its coming from a totally different angle where it’s the comedy cops you should be just as afraid of – even though the town is crawling with vampires, werewolf’s and zombies. Its full of funny one liners, and brash MTV American humour (expect a few boob jokes). If you’re sick of the borderline sugar-sweet Twilight slush, you’ll love it!!

Death Valley is coming soon on MTV

Words by Jeema Jade –  follow her on twitter @J_DiD_Official