Online Casinos

One of the aspects of online gaming that makes the casinos popular is the option to play solo or against other players.

This freedom has won online casino lots of fans, along with the variety of games they can play. Poker, roulette, baccarat and blackjack are just some of the games you can play against others when you visit an online casino.

Traditionally, blackjack is a game that you play against the dealer, but now that technology has evolved, you’re not just playing against them, but against other players as well, which adds some extra spice to the game. This post takes a look at multiplayer blackjack in more depth, focusing on the social dimensions the game enjoys and how the game itself works.

Getting social with multiplayer blackjack

You can play multiplayer blackjack in a true-life online casino or you can play in a social casino. These latter forms of casino have existed for several years, although people don’t know much about them. They’re linked to social media, which, as the name suggests, encourages people to interact.

A social casino allows people to meet up online and play blackjack together for free, although the apps on which you’ll find a lot of these casinos do offer some in-game purchases. It’s all about having a laugh and you don’t play for real money. You can make friends online and you can chat with each other while you play, which is possible in a regular online casino, too.

You can even take part in tournaments at some social casinos, so it’s a good place to practise your skills before dipping your toe in the more serious world of cash games. Some social casinos will reward players with coins for use in the (social) casino if they can persuade others to play.

Ultimately, playing blackjack against others in a social casino is a less stressful endeavour. There’s no money on the line. Players can relax and concentrate on enjoying themselves, rather than thinking about what they win or lose.

That being said… it’s worth remembering that playing multiplayer blackjack isn’t just about the game itself; it’s about the experience as well — and there’s nothing quite as exciting as winning real money. More adventurous players might prefer an online blackjack site such as There they can share the thrills and spills of playing for cash against each other and other players at the casino. Some casinos will allow players to play for free with virtual currency.

How does multiplayer blackjack work?

Multiplayer blackjack is based on the standard version of blackjack but is still that little bit different. Not only are you trying to get as close to 21 as possible and beat the dealer, but you’re also competing against the other players. Each player will be playing their own individual game, but the player who wins the most hands and increases their bankroll by the most after a fixed number of rounds is the winner.

Finding a game

When finding a multiplayer game, you can choose a table for you and your friends, but there must be enough places at the table for everyone to sit. A lot of tables will allow up to six or seven people to sit at the table.

I enter a game that has a live dealer and there are spare seats, you’ll have to play against any other players who sit down at the table. Note that these games are always for money at an online casino, so you should all check the minimum and maximum betting limits before you sit down to play.


You can’t play two hands at the same time in multiplayer blackjack, but you can split the cards. If you get two aces or two 8s, you should always split. Aces give you a soft hand because of their flexibility as being either a one or an eleven, so you can hit a ten and still not go bust. If you get a ten, you should stand, which means sticking with your cards as they are and waiting till the end of the round.


Just like you in standard blackjack, you can place some insurance if the dealer deals themselves an ace. The insurance protects you from a loss if the dealer gets blackjack. It’s half your original bet and if the dealer gets blackjack, you get double your insurance money back — in other words, you get your bet back. If the dealer doesn’t get blackjack, however, you lose your insurance even if you lose the hand.

You can play blackjack in single player mode if you want, but you can have a lot more fun if you choose the multiplayer option. It’s a chance to share the same experience with your friends or with other players and meet other online gaming enthusiasts, so why not give it a try and win yourself some money into the bargain?