Talented British singer Blaise is set to release Thunderstorm, the second track from her “Sing Out Loud” EP which is available now on iTunes. As a special exclusive, Mike Skinner (The Streets) remixed the single which get’s its premier here on Flavourmag. Blaise has been songwriting since the age of 9 and is set to be an unstoppable force in the music industry. Listen to the single and what Blaise has to say about Mike  Skinner and having a song in a video game.

Thunderstorm_Front_MIKE_SKINNER So tell us about Thunderstorm and what its about?
Thunderstorm is a track about being let down by someone, but you still love them too much to let them go. You know when you can’t stay mad at someone even though they’re wrong, but their good outweighs their bad. That kind of thing! Not knowing whether you love them or hate them.

Tell us about the music video for Thunderstorm, it looked like you got pretty wet from all that rain?
(Laughs) Yeah I did! And the water was freezing, not to mention it was snowing outside! But regardless of nearly getting frostbite I had so much fun filming the video. Everyone on the team was so nice and funny, it was like a party on set. I could re do that day a million times over.

You are only 17 years old, how did you get into singing and songwriting at such an early age?
I really can’t even remember a time when music wasn’t the one thing I loved most. I don’t remember how I realized I loved song writing, I just remember doing it when I was little. I used to make up words if I couldn’t find a word to rhyme with another (laughs).

Thunderstorm is featured in The Sims 3 University Life expansion pack, how does it feel to have your own song in a video game?
It’s crazy! I used to play The Sims when I was younger and now my song is in the game and they’ve made a sim of me! I never would have even imagined that was possible back when I used to play it!

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?
It would definitely have to be either Pharrell or Justin Timberlake. Those guys are just genius. Everything they do is magic! It would be a dream to work with one of them.

Who is your inspiration and why?
I have a lot of inspirations, but I really love Prince. I look up to the way that he was (and still is) able to do anything! He was an all round performer and he’s written some of the best songs out there!

How did Mike Skinner get involved in remixing your track? That’s pretty incredible right?
Thunderstorm was made Record of the Day and Mike Skinner heard it on there and got in touch with my management and said he really wanted to remix it for free as he liked the tune, which is crazy as I’m a big fan of the Streets, ‘Dry Your Eyes Mate’ used to be one of my favourite songs.. I think the guys a legend to be honest!

Is there any signs of you working with Mike in the studio?
I would love to write with Mike and get in the studio and I know that my management have been in touch with Mike’s management and he is up for it but I think its just a case of time. But hopefully soon

You probably get asked this all the time but is your real name Blaise?
(Laughs) Yes it is. I always get asked that. I also get asked “is Blaise your tag?”.. no, I don’t have a tag, people. My mum and dad were just into original names.. I have 3 sisters, Harley, Tennessee and Bleu Honey. Definitely original!

What is next for Blaise this year?
I have just finished promoting my last EP “Sing Out Loud” which is available now on iTunes and now I am currently working on my debut album, which hopefully will be released early next year in 2014. I also have a release coming in September with Jethro Sheeran who is Ed Sheeran’s cousin called “Doin’ Watcha Do” it’s a really nice track with a calm vibe to it and a great way to end such an amazing summer!

Are you performing anywhere this year?
Yeah, I’ve got my biggest gig yet at Cardiff Millennium Stadium at Cardiff’s Mardi Gras, I’m a little nervous but I’m also really excited. I have never performed at a Stadium before, it’s going to be one to remember, as long as everything goes well.

Thunderstorm is out now and available to buy on iTunes. Follow Blaise on Twitter @blaisethresher