Must is an exciting, stylish bar and oriental restaurant located in the heart of Birmingham. As we approached the door we were met with the loud noise of people talking, glasses chiming and urban grooves being mixed by the DJ. The bar was filled with people out for after-work Friday drinks and on first appearances as we squeezed through the crowd, it didn’t seem like an ideal location for a romantic dinner for two. However, as we reached the back of the bar and entered the restaurant, it felt like you were in a different world.

Relaxing atmosphere
Split in two distinct parts there’s a restaurant and a lounge that has an extremely relaxing atmosphere. We were ushered into the lounge where we sat in lush leather settees and were given the menu. There is a tempting-sounding cocktail list and a range of teas and the food menu is extensive and virtually everything looks appetizing. They also have a wide variety of different dim sum on offer. I couldn’t decide between the sizzling king prawns or the pei fong tong lobster. In the end the lobster won me over and my mouth started watering when a 20 pound lobster appeared. My friend chose fillet steak in black pepper sauce and we both tucked in.

The service was polite and unobtrusive and we had a great time. Must had reasonable prices, a great atmosphere and fantastic food. We’d recommend it highly.

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