A vibrant mix of style and language, ‘Rebola Piranha’ is the explosive new single to come from MVDERA.

Featuring LS and produced by DAKRID, this single is the result of fateful meetings of friends old and new. Wanting to collaborate with LS after listening to his hit track ‘Joga a Bunda’ (ft. DJ 3 Points), MVDERA reached out to him, also teaming up with old friend DAKRID who stepped in as producer, known for his explosive productions and remixes.

High energy throughout, ‘Rebola Piranha’ is an exciting blend of Portuguese language with a Portuguese and Brazilian accent and is “a song to unite the nations”.

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Originally from Faro in Portugal, MVDERA moved to Switzerland at age 10 following his parent’s divorce. Turning to music at this difficult time, he fell in love with the Fado music sung by his grandfather and the songs and poems his grandmother could recite despite not being able to read or write. Enamoured with the whole process, MVDERA found his strength in music and also began connecting with socio-educational work, using his musical talent to help people. In 2013 MVDERA received a humanitarian prize awarded by the newspaper “Le Courrier” to the MAMCO museum in relation to a slam he wrote entitled ‘The story of a prisoner’ which was inspired by a humanitarian project in Geneva that discussed the reintegration of a prisoner. Creating his own style of hip hop / rap / trap fused together with Latino colours, MVDERA is onto a winning combination.

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