I originally went to London to meet the band Blue at Radio 2 but I received a tweet from my friend Rosie @marvelousmollie who is a fan of the girls, telling me that the girls would be at Capital so I thought as I am in London why not see them as I hadn’t seen them since they were at Radio One in March for the promo of What About Us.
It was quite manic to say the least as it was confusing to know who was there for the particular artist being interviewed as not only were The Saturdays there but so was Conor Maynard and he is like the UK version of Justin Bieber so you can imagine what sort of fans he is, the teenage kind.
So me and my friend waited as we got there an hour early, it was a lovely day for it too being in Leicester Square seeing the sun out on an autumn day in October waiting for The Saturdays to come out.
Rochelle had already gone in as I got to them but Vanessa was lovely enough to stop and did get a picture with her and she looked absolutely stunning in what she was wearing with her hair up. So after I got my picture with Vanessa, we waited on Mollie and Una who out of the band are my favourites and there was a black car outside of the Hampshire and some fans thought it could of been Conor Maynard as they were waiting ages for him to arrive, but it turns out it was Mollie and Una. Couldn’t believe it when I when I mentioned to Una that the last time she saw me was at their very first tour in 2009 and just like when I saw Mollie in March she said that she remembered me. I managed to get some really lovely photos with them both as they looked incredible.
I am so proud to call myself a fan as I have supported them since they supported Girls Aloud since 2008 and they have done incredibly well and Disco Love is such a great dance track and I hope the girls do well with it this week.
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