Smart fotfour review

The smart forfour prime is simply delicious. Defined by 15-inch 5-twin-spoke alloy wheels painted in black with a high-sheen finish and it’s high gloss super flame red body colour and black & interior styling.

The first thing you will notice about the smart for four, is there is clearly more space than the traditional 2 seater smart cars.

smart forfour sunroof
The push button automatic sliding sunroof will make your summer days feel like you are driving a cabriolet. As the sun pops out, simply drop the top!

Not quite your family 5 seater, but enough for your 2.2 family or for the young man or woman around town, who doesn’t mind giving a lift to a few mates as the smart forfour is surprisingly roomy.

The Boot size is also roomier than one might imagine, and you can make more room by declining the rear seats, plus if you really have lots to pack in you can also decline the front passenger seat, which for me was really simple to do.

Aesthetically the smart forfour is ever so pleasing on the eye, the flame red and black combo looks striking, especially with the black & white contrast interior.

smart forfour inside
Super sleek interior black % white contrast styling. So sexy!

Did you know that the smart forfour is available in over 40 different colours? This mean you can feel as original as you will probably ever get with a car colour choice. The dash board reminded us a little bit of being inside a space ship, or at least how we would imagine it to be.

The model we had didn’t have a built in sat nav but you can get one with the premium or premium plus package. If you are a new driver then a sat nav is a must for driving around town. Otherwise you will have to do what I did and rely on google maps. I place my phone in the front dashboard compartment, it kept falling out when swerving or turning corners, and believe me, you don’t want to be looking down and picking up your phone while driving. However it did have the bluetooth connection for my phone, making driving and talking calls, as easy as 1,2,3.

smart forfour review 9

One thing as a new driver, or even an experienced one, is the challenge of finding a comfortable parking spot in London’s busy streets, the advantage the smart forfour has, is it’s very small front bonnet, which means you can tuck in and out of even the tightest of spots with ease. I found as a new driver the smart forfour was great and easy to maneuver. I was also particularly impressed by the super tight turning circle of 8.65m, which made turns in the road a doddle.

The steering was light, and it picked up speed easily on the motorway. Although I did find the steering wheel started hurting my hands after a while, a bit like when you’ve been lifting in the gym, If I’d had it for longer, I probably would have ended up getting a steering wheel cover for a bit of extra comfort, or driving gloves.

Reversing drama
I did have a slightly embarrassing situation the first time I tried to reverse with the gear box, and found myself feeling like a damsel in distress, nearly close to tears, and then realised that you need to lift the gear stick up before bringing it back in to reverse.

This was new to me and the limited experience i’ve had of different gear sticks. This isn’t a problem, just something I thought I would note for the new drivers amongst us. I soon got to grips with it, literally.

More money to spend on me
One of the great things about the smart forfour is how economical it is, having zapped from east, north, west and south London over 4 days, it still only took up about half the tank. Meaning you will not be in the petrol station filling it up all the time. Fantastic right?

Overall the for four was is smooth and easy ride, nippy and is a great choice for a first car. The Basic price (Inc.VAT excl.OTR) is £11,860 and you can download the ebrochure for the tech specs.

Visit for to buy your now or for more information.

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