pr9The stories of the street children of South Africa are easily forgotten amidst the excitement about the world cup. Yael Mindel and Max Reeve’s current installation showing at the Rich Mix Mezzanine Gallery gives the viewer pause for thought with it’s moving photos and testimonies of South African street kids living in a Cape Town bus terminal environment, and the reconstruction of their makeshift homes and furniture. The photos in the show will be the first and only record of the childrens existence, an attempt to make them less disposable, and were taken as part of a project for the MyLife Foundation in Cape Town.

A timely exhibition reminding us all about the harsh realities of a city currently catapulted on to the world stage, while at the same time inspiring us with stories of the kid’s resilience and survival against the odds. Shosholoza

This runs from June 11th – July 11th 2010 at Rich Mix