Brown rice is essentially what most forms of white rice looks like before being put through a refining process. To make rice white, first the outside hull and bran is removed. This makes rice lighter and faster to cook.

In some cultures, rice is the staple food. With that in mind, here are my reasons why it is better to always stick to the brown/wholegrain variety of rice.

1.Rich in Selenium

Selenium is an important trace mineral that is known to drastically reduce our chances of developing certain forms of cancer, as well as heart disease, and inflammatory conditions

2. Very High in Manganese

Just 1 cup of brown rice gives us over 80% of our daily manganese requirements. This mineral assists the human body in creating the important fatty acids that make healthy forms of cholesterol.

3. Holds Naturally Occurring Oils

These oils are naturally found in brown rice and can help the body reduce LDL (bad) forms of cholesterol.

4. Promotes Weight Loss

Brown rice is full of fibre and is able to “keeps things moving” in a way that promotes weight-loss and metabolic function. After eating a bowl of brown rice, you’ll feel fuller but overall would have eaten a smaller amount of food.

5. Whole Grain

Unlike white rice, brown rice has not lost its wholeness. Studies have shown that consuming six servings of whole grains a week can lower the formation of arterial plaque build-up, and can reduce the chance of developing heart disease and high cholesterol.

6. Antioxidant

Most people link antioxidants with things such as blueberries and green tea, and are unaware that brown rice is also a source of antioxidants.

7. Very High in Fibre

There have been studies have note the high use of whole grains like brown rice with lower levels of colon cancer. This may be related to its high fibre content. These studies also show that fibre attaches to cancer-causing substances and toxins, helping to remove them from the body, and keeping them from attaching to the cells in our colon!

8. Slow-Release Sugar

Unlike the white variety of rice, brown rice can help keep blood sugar stable, as it releases sugars slowly and in a sustained fashion. This makes it a much better option for diabetics. New research has shown that people who eat at least two servings of brown rice per week can reduce their chances of developing Type 2 diabetes by up to 11 percent.

9. It tastes better

Seasoned correctly I find that brown rice actually tastes better! I boil mine in chicken stock, turmeric, and garlic salt, which gives it a really rich flavour.

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