She’s Danish, signed to Sony, damn sexy and she has just released her bass heavy banger Animals to a UK audience.

Not new to this music thing she has released three albums in Denmark and the States (respectively) but of course in the UK we are still a little behind.

nabiha 2

Last year however we got up to the times when she released her Urban Chart number 1, Mind The Gap blessed with an outstandingly catchy chorus and hook that evokes those good time summer vibes and the energy of those classic 90’s rnb anthems.

Already making the obligatory noise in the US, (with her producer Carl Ryden) it’s here in the UK that taste-makers are starting to take notice and her follow-up single, Animals seems set to build on her growing fan base. Starkly different to her first single, Animals is a dark, bass heavy track that one Niki Minaj would like. Here Nabiha gets her bars on and drops a couple of sixteens before unleashing her top of the notch vocals.

While in a studio in Shoreditch-I got some time to talk with the yummy, yummy singer-(I have a thing for gaps).

An apostle of music.

When I was little I think I always wanted to do something creative so I think I was destined in many respects to be in music.

I have always listened to a lot of music. In my house the radio was always on playing rnb right through to soul and reggae. In my early teens however when I was trying to break into music I got into all different types of sounds like rock, ska electronic. I actually started quite late in pursuing music because I was at one time going to be a psychologist when I was in high school but the music took over.

When it did takeover I initially wanted to try all types of music before I decided on the music I wanted to do. I was performing jazz, rapping just basically everything I could do and that led to me realising I wanted my music to encompass many different genres but when you hear my music you will hear a typical Scandinavian sound and approach to the music as well.

It’s funny, I was talking with my mum a while back about why I became a musician and I think it just really stems from being comfortable with music and it being associated with my family when we would listen to music, with good food and just generally enjoying being with one another.

‘I want my music to touch people’.

Music is so powerful and I want my music to touch people. I had this one girl who was in a coma for two months. She came up to me after I had just performed and she was wearing sunglasses because her eyes were sensitive. Someone played my album to her and she was listening to my album when she came out of the coma-for me this was so powerful and it just amazes me every time I think of this moment. I write music for myself in many ways but it is amazing that my music can touch people like that.

Fresh single ANIMALS unleashed.

Animals is basically a song getting lost in the music and just letting go of all the tensions of life and just being immersed. It is something that I experience a lot when I play life and I really wanted to try and re-create that energy and vibe. Carl Ryden my producer had a beat in the studio and this beat just fitted what I wanted. The chorus I am singing directly to my fans but also thanking them for their continued support.