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I had the pleasure of dinning at one of Camden’s hidden gems, the Namaste Kitchen.

Looking in from the outside, you could easily walk past this restaurant many a times without even noticing it’s there. It subdued exterior has no reflection on the interior or the amazing food on offer at the Namaste Kitchen.

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Comfortable seating, ambient lighting that’s slightly romantic but not too seductive or dim will make dining for any occasion a real treat.

On my visit I dined with 2 lovely lady friends of mine and we went through 3 courses. From the starters menu we shared Spicy Soft Shell CrabScallops Teen Tarike Se, Chukandari venison and Lamb Barra Kabab. Every bit, every taste was lovely, absolutely no complaints, the ladies choose prosecco to start with while I chose a glass of house red (I wanted to taste what they where serving as their house bottles). I sipped and liked, then I asked my friends to sip and they liked it too.

With 2 sets of lipstick marks running along the rim of my glass we continued to feast as the starters came out.

Mid tasting frenzy I asked my friends the burning question I like to ask women when reviewing a restaurant. Both eager to hear and answer, I asked “If somone took you here for a first date, would you be impressed?”.

They looked at each other as if they where reading each others minds and in a weird soft of telepathic (they where sisters, so they probably know each really well) moment they simultaneously said “Yes”.

namaste kitchen

Why? I asked, and they replied… The restaurant is really nice, not super plush so that the guy taking us to the restaurant is spending loads of money, making us feel pressured to put out, but nice enough to makes us believe that he would have had thought about where to date us. The food is gorgeous but not ridiculously priced, meaning that if we offered to go halves on the meal (and moreso never date them again) it wouldn’t cost us half our monthly wage to pay for a meal that someone, trying to show off, brought us to.

With that said, I thought I would use this quote as the conclusion to my review (I hope you like reading things twice).

Next came the mains, and what was great about the mains apart from the taste, was that we didn’t have to wait too long for it to arrive. Just enough time for a bit more conversation but not long enough to start wondering or even asking where’s the mains.

Lobster in Kerala spicesPeshawari Lamb Chops (lamb again, it’s just so delicious) and Tandoori Rubiyan Duck with roasted Tiger prawn which was seasoned and cooked to my specification.

This is not your average Indian restaurant, this is another level of flavour’s. The gourmet menu is anything but what you would expect. Believe me, when you see a set of beautiful ladies tucking into a meal and making almost orgasmic sounds with each new taste, you know you are onto a winner.

Oops I complete forgot to mention the grill. Namaste Kitchen has an open grill and you can see the chef cooking some of the menu items. I quickly took a photo of the master griller in action (above) and then returned to my guests for the main course.

As we came close to the end of our evening, we all chose a desert. I always think that a lost of restaurants do not put enough effort into desserts. This maybe could be due to diners not ordering enough desert or being too full to eat anymore.

Namaste Kitchen’s desert are close to gourmet. Small and fancy, these deserts are not fillers but a truly nice ending to a great meal, Gajar ka Halwa with coconut ice cream, Gulab Jamun with Vanilla ice cream and Pear and Almond Tart. Wowzer.

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