Even when her career could be in tatters, possibly the worlds most hated reality judge is promoting her latest song, so there was me just thinking that we had an extremely catty woman on our hands but then my mind was prompted to think “possible stunt” to help a diminishing career?


It’s like a few weeks prior to this when I was left almost berated at myself and who ever would listen when poor Madonna fell off The Brit Awards stage. At first I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, then came all the coincidental lyrics that matched such a beastly serious of events. Then perhaps came the paranoia; a) surely health and safety must have seen this coming, b) Madonna’s a feisty one, so if she knew that dancer was foxily creeping to avenge the theft of a nifty bull fighting cape, I would have thought she’d have some words before she let herself be pulled down.

Anyways, back to the point, I’m left feeling like we’ve been conned a wee bit. Now everybody knows that singing contests love a bit of drama, judges bitching about each other, contestants behaving like divas and shock exits. Remember the time our poor Cheryl got sent packing from The X Factor US because they couldn’t understand her accent? It wouldn’t surprise me that this was all a great hoax that got people talking about The X Factor NZ, Willy Moon, Natalia Kills and the poor and down trodden contestant Joe Irvine.

The awkward TV moment.

The scene, which took me 2 days to bother to watch because quite frankly I smelled a fish, was unnerving and unsettling. It’s was a witch hunt, pure and simple.

The 29 year old, Bradford born singer striked me as ‘a bit much,’ someone that was trying a bit too hard, with a deep devotion to her more famous than her husband *although truth be told, I had to youtube his songs to realise who the hell he was*

Firstly who gives one if a contestant is copying somebody else’s look? The pop star can be found unconvincingly copying the stylings of an early days Lady Gaga. Don’t they say that it’s flattering to be copied?! And how often does Louis Walsh have a go at the stylists and set designers on The X Factor? Maybe Natalia should have directed her beef at someone else. Why was she so disgusted?

Well Natalia Kills has been well and truly rumbled when it comes to having an identity crisis because before she became the Pop singer that (most of you only just know about) some of you knew about, she was actually on home turf, otherwise known as Verbalicious or Verbz. It’s probably a sign of the times that I remember this now Pop star, as a wannabe rapper, straight from the set of children’s television who in my eyes looks much more comfy cutting shapes in trainers, than rolling around in panties. Decide for yourselves!

Verbalicious ‘don’t play nice’

And because really I’m not that harsh, I give you a track that was actually a bit catchy.

Verbz ‘shopaholic’

Natalia has worked with the likes of Akon and Will.I.Am, brought out 2 albums and suffered a ‘Joss Stone,’ which basically means talking like she’s American.

We sincerely hope that Natalia Kills will see the errors of her overacting ways and behave like a bubble gum pop princess/ wannabe rapper like she did in the good old days.

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