For those of you not too familiar with Natalie Martinez, She is an American actress and model.

You may know her from the film End of Watch with Jake Gyllenhaal and as Detective Jamie Lovato from CSY: NY. She’s pretty much an understated beauty; let’s have a look at why we are following her on instagram.

1. Even before bed time that tossled/sleepy look, especially with the red lips is pretty seductive.

2. What is more than a turn on that, even without make-up, she still looks gorgeous. We love the natural look.

3. Really, even when asleep she looks pretty damn sexy.

4. Errrrrrrrr are you kidding me? OK I have now found the ass I aspire to have.

5. Oh and those look pretty good too. Where’s that plastic surgeon when you need them.

6. Not jealous AT ALL! Wow.

7. One word is all I can muster right now, STUNNING!!!!!

8.  Cheek bones to die for, I can’t write these any more making me feel way to inadequate.

By Zehra Phelan