First of all congratulations on your recent win, can you tell us how you first got into training and what inspired you too compete?
Thank you! I’ve always been a sporty person and a regular gym goer.
I first got into training after seeing a competition photo of fitness model Alicia Marie and thought “I’d like to do that”


How was your experience on stage, was it your first time competing?
I love being on stage! As soon as I stepped foot on stage I was ready to “bring it!”
I’d competed last year in my first fitness competition and placed 5th in the figure category, prior to that I’d competed at the Finals in Miss England as Miss Peterborough.

How do you train?
My training consisted of cardio in the morning and weight session in the evening. I work full time so I have to keep my day very regimented


What does an average workout consist of for you?
I’ll target certain muscle groups on the each day. I have a PT session a week and use to time to train my legs as this is my weakest area. I also have a rest day as this is just as important – going hell for leather I need to give something back to my body.

How about nutrition? do you follow a diet?
My trainer writes a plan for me and makes adjustments depending on how my body responds. Closer the competition my diet is assessed and can change over a couple of days.


What does an average days food look like for you?
A typical day would consist of Homemade smoothies/cottage cheese/oat cakes/salmon with salad/nuts/protein shakes/chicken/rice and broccoli. Along with essential oils and supplements like l-glutamine and bcaas.
I’d prepare my meals at least 4 – 5 days in advance.

What are your future goals?
To continue to grow within the fitness industry, keep getting better and not complacent. I wish to inspire others to do better and prove that once you’ve taken that first step you’re on your way!


If you could give our readers one top tip too help them get in shape what would it be?
If you’re planning to compete do your research and enlist the help of a trainer who has competed and check out their results.

If people would like too get in touch what is their best way too contact you?
Please feel free to contact me via email or via as she will be able to respond to any inquiries quicker.

Follow Natasha on twitter @OMGthebody

Photography by SNHFOTO.COM

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