Vibes n Pressure founder Natty has released the long awaited video for his sublime new year track ‘I’m Alive’ and it’s our Smash of the Week!

If you regularly read Flavourmag, you will already know that we are huge fans of Natty and we have been awaiting for this song to be released for some time now.

The psychedelic and trippy video sees cool animated graphics, with deep and rich colours, although we love the video, we are not concerned much with the video. We are concerned with the music and the lyrics of Natty’s ‘I’m Alive’.

Natty Im Alive 1

“Ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh, I’m Alive” is the sound of the catchy chorus. If you want to hear this song properly, plug your speakers in and turn it right up. Play it in the background while you’re working, play it in your house while your getting dressed or play it when you wake up in the morning and see how it makes you feel.

Can you feel it? Can you feel the vibes? Can you feel the rhythm and the melodious beats and instruments? We can!

Natty Im Alive4

Following his Top 20 debut album, ‘Man Like I’, Natty is back with his highly anticipated second album ‘Release The Fear’, a future-roots, concept album that takes you on a journey through love, redemption, self-identity and unity.

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