Ok Flavour was going to avoid getting involved in the world of beef but in truth things are getting so interesting with Naughty Zayn and their steady ability to have or be involved in beef-even with cows who of course own the right to ‘beef’.

In this juncture the beef is with one of the hottest UK lyricists Mic Righteous who can imbue the words; ‘Cold Yorkshire Pie’ with emotions and make it sound like a cuss when directed at a fellow rapper.

Mic initially put out this bars galore track called Gone which he claims he worked on with (friends) Naughty Zayn-cue a Naughty Zayn public dropkick by denying any involvement with Mic on the track.

The dropkick was particularly pertinent because as Mic states he was using the leak track to push his forth coming album after the music industry (according to Mic) has chewed him up and spat him out.

They say don’t mix business with pleasure and this maybe the reason.

Another point to bring up?

Well regardless of the beef (a fairly old promotional tool), Naughty Zayn are keeping a constant presence in the media and a constant presence means that when Naughty Zayn release their material (which actually maybe wack) trust that people will be buying-it’s called manipulation of the media and it is a tried and tested formula.

For Mic the same applies whether this is some true beef or something rather orchestrated it does not matter-it’s all part of the sometimes contradictory world of the media where you can turn a negative into a positive and come out smiling like a very contented Cheshire Cat-a sex tape showing you engaged in some sordid activity-does not matter you get column inches, get caught smoking crack while a GILF takes out her stained dentures and attends to your lower area-it does not matter you get column inches – put money in your dog’s name while claiming bankruptcy to avoid taxes-it does not matter you guessed right you get column inches become popular.

In the case of Naught Zayn and Mic the column inches can equate to bigger sales of their individual projects. Of course don’t forget that the media has a long memory so negative actions for the short term gain may in the long run turn out to be exactly what they started out as-negative!

So with that, the Naught Zayn relationship continues to grow and Mic, despite his trials and tribulations in the music industry once again proves that they can take a lot of things but they can’t take his innate talent, he goes INNNNN like an out of control Bullet train-emcees be scared he’s back with some issues to air.