Neon Glitter Boobs

Neon Glitter Boobs will be the 2019 festival trend for women in the UK.

In a recent article via the Sun, Go Get Glitter revealed that Glitter Boobs and Neon Glitter Boobs is becoming even more popular than last year, and with the likes of festivals and glitter parties such as Glitterfest, as well as being able to buy glitter online at Pretty Little Thing and glitter dresses from Missguided you can easily see that the glitter trend is here to stay.

Last year, festivals everywhere saw the like of women shaking their Glitter Bums everywhere. A quick look on Instagram reveals a ride range of glittery asses on display with more and more likes and comments… Here’s some we found earlier.

And this isn’t just the UK, glitter bums have been popping up at festivals all over the world. Now fast forward to 2019 and the new trend could possibly be Glitter Boobs, especially while women who attend festivals, get more and more x-rated and FREE!

So what does Glitter Boobs and Neon Glitter Boobs look like? Well, here’s a few examples from Go Get Glitter as glitter cosmetics brand.

And it doesn’t stop there, search #glitterboobs on Instagram and you will see it already reached close to 10,000 posts. Here’s some we found earlier.

So, we’ve had Glitter Bums and Glittery Boobs. What’s next? Glitter Clothing?? oh wait, glitter clothing is already here…

So what do you think? Will you dare to bear your errr, glittery boobs at the next festival you attend? Leave your comments now.