They may be called Downside but that’s never the case when it comes to this duo.

Fresh new urban act Downside consists of brummie members Mista, 25, and Mox, 29. Mista and Mox are ready to fly the flag for Birmingham and not just for their hometown, they also hope to build a platform where they can sign on other artists like themselves. A cash money records business type is definitely on the cards as they hope to reach out to the not so privileged talents out there, these guys have certainly got their game on! With a sound that is bound to catch everyone’s attention and videos which will make you think you’re slacking in the partying region, Downside are here to put even the Young Money crew to shame. Their biggest high to date – when they supported 50 cent (who we like to call “Fiddy”) at Birmingham’s NEC to a massive crowd of over 30,000. It can’t get any better than that, although with their future ambitions in lock we can imagine even bigger things to come.

Flavour gets down with the awesome duo and gets the lowdown on whether the music industry is just one big downside. Take it Away Downside!

Tell us a bit about Downside and how you got together?

Basically we were both doing music and both from Birmingham. We used to go to the same gym so we decided to link up and make music.

What unique element does Downside have that other artists on the UK music scene don’t?

I’d say were probably more unique, fresher and up to date. We’re not from the nicest label so were probably more street. We put a more positive spin on it.

What is the ultimate goal for Downside?

The ultimate goal is to get out there and get signed, start our own record label and sign on acts that come from the streets. Ones who don’t have access to music studios, once we get in the game we want to help all the other talents out there.

What inspires you to write and do you have any key tips for writing lyrics?

Everyday life. We write what’s real to us, so if were in a club drinking champagne we write about that. But we focus more on the positive side of our lives rather than the negative. When it comes to writing tips, just keep it real, rap about stuff that you live, know about and what you’ve experienced. It’s easier than making stuff up, stay with what you know.

In line with the name ‘Downside’ – what is the biggest downside to working in the music industry? (that’s if there is any)

It’s probably just the business side because we’re artists but we’ve had to [also] turn into businessmen just to get into the industry.


How was it touring with one of the best rappers in the world 50 cent on his Birmingham date – did you get to meet him?

We didn’t get to meet him but it was good to perform to such a big crowd, it made us feel good that we were starting to get out there. It felt like a big achievement for us having supported such a huge star.

The video for ‘Take It Away’ is heaped with hot girls, sunglasses and lots of bling – how was it filming such electric scenes and is the video a reflection of how you guys roll?

Like you see in the video, that’s how we are, that’s how we party. The videos probably more boring to what we actually are. We like to enjoy life!

Who would you say is your main competitor in the game?

We don’t really look at it like that, because we just do our thing. We try not to watch what other people are doing, were just trying to break into what we’re doing. We don’t see them as competition, we see them as friends.

Who would you like to feature on a track with you guys?

We would probably get Tinie Tempah, N-Dubz or Adele, they’re the hottest acts right about now.

Follow Downside on Twitter @downside1. ‘Take It Away’ is available to buy on iTunes now.

Words by Melek Derebeyli