This week again is very thin on the ground with new releases out in our cinemas, only two of any note that is worth a watch. We have an intriguingly, beautiful shot drama and a British “zombie”  comedy. If you can tear yourselves away from the sun and fancy a trip to the flicks here’s a roundup of what’s in store.

Breathe In

Music teacher Keith Reynolds (Guy Pearce) is bored with his life and thinks of nothing but his past as a starving musician in the city. His wife, Megan (Amy Ryan), and daughter, Lauren (Mackenzie Davis) are totally oblivious to how he is feeling and are concentrating on Lauren’s final year at high school; Megan takes it upon herself to offer her home to host a foreign exchange student. Enter British student Sophie (Felicity Jones). While quickly settling into her new life she quickly gets under the skin of Keith and pushes this seemingly perfect family into unchartered territory.

Being an official selection for the 2013 Sundance film festival and from the acclaimed director of Like crazy, Drake Doremus this film is already guaranteed not to be for mainstream audiences. However I wouldn’t write it off completely. It may start a little slow and come across as rather dull, but by the end you could be well and truly sucked in and totally captivated.

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The Worlds End

Gary King (Simon Pegg) Andy Knightley (Nick Frost) are the instigators for a long overdue reunion, hoping this is going to be the ultimate reunion 20 years after they carried out the exact same epic crawl, they gather 5 friends to take on a 12 bar pub crawl all in one night. The group are having the time of their lives when they reach their final destination, The Worlds End pub back in their home town. But things are not as they once were in this sleepy small town local, unwittingly these 5 guys become human kinds only hope of survival.

From the creators of ‘Shaun of the Dead’  and ‘Hot Fuzz’ , Pegg and Frost team up again to bring to us a very simply but wildly entertaining and at times outrageously funny British comedy which may just come across as a bit of sequel to the zombie show we all seem to know and love. Can these guys deliver an original comedic film which doesn’t come across as “I’ve seen this all before?” bore or will it be a highly entertaining ride of belly laughs?

See if you liked: Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz




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