We aren’t quite back on track yet this week with cinema releases but you can get excited, we have a massive Hollywood blockbuster in the form of a comic book favourite, an extremely heartfelt, yet one sided documentary about a killer whale and a light hearted, fluffy comedy.


Blackfish is the story of the performing killer whale Tilikum, while in captivity for an American sea based park, has managed to kill a number of people. The whole piece is a montage of shocking footage and at times emotional interviews with those who have worked with Tilikum and those that were killed, giving us an insight into the horrors these poor mammals’ have to endure in captivity and the lives and losses of the trainers in question.

Don’t write this film off just because it’s a documentary, Blackfish is an extremely powerful and heart wrenching ride, it opens up the mind in thinking how little we as humans have learned from one of nature’s highly intelligent and extremely emotional fellow mammals. You are urged strongly to see this film.

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The Wolverine

Wolverine is back and at his fighting best. Based on the extremely popular comic book adventures, this episode takes Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), the most iconic character of the X-Men series, to modern day Japan. We first encounter Logan looking like a vagabond, down and out and struggling with his inner demons. Until his encounter with Yukio (Rila Fukushima), another one of his kind, talks him into going to Japan to say goodbye to a dying man whom his life he once saved. Pretty much out of his comfort zone and out of his depth in a country where he doesn’t speak the language or knows the culture he comes face to face with the ultimate nemesis. This confrontation leaves Logan vulnerable for the first time as he is pushed to his physical and emotional limits and his own inner battle of his immortality.

Fox and Director James Mangold have produced, what I think, may just be the best instalment of the Wolverine series by far. Throughout the whole film you’ll be engaged and entertained. If you do nothing else this weekend make sure you stick this on your to do list, you will not be sorry.

Check out the full review here:

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Frances Ha

New York girl Frances has to face up to life, she’s twenty-something and just bumbling through life with no real aim. Her boyfriend dumps her and subsequently her best friend asks her to move out of her apartment. This forces her to re-focus her life and grow up and maybe start to follow her deep down desires.

Frances Ha is a light hearted, happy go-lucky kind of comedy, shot in black and white which has an air of photographic style to the whole picture. Some of you more hardened film buffs may even compare it slightly to a Woody Allen type of film (To Rome with Love, Vicky Christina Barcelona). With a light and fluffy feel with nothing sinister about it, this picture just comes across as…well…. just a bit dull.

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