I’m Zehra Phelan, Flavourmag’s resident Film Editor and Entertainment Journalist, each week I bring you my weekly roundup of new movies coming out this week.

This week we have Simon Pegg returning in a Brit RomCom, The Rock in a disaster movie, quite literally, Al Pacino in a movie inspired by John Lennon and a medieval disappointment.


Nancy (Lake Bell) is a feisty 34 single women fed up with constantly being set up on dates with unsuitable men who she has absolutely nothing in common with by her friends. One to never take a risk she decides to step out of her comfort zone as she travels to her parents to celebrate yet another year of their blissful marriage. Enter 40 year old, freshly divorced Jack (Simon Pegg), who mistakenly thinks he is her 24 year old blind date. Nancy, very much unlike her, decides to just go for it and plays along. What follows, is one night of copious amounts of alcohol, home truths and an unconventional story of falling in love.

Man Up is your feel good, hilariously funny romantic comedy, with a slightly dodgy ending,  which will make you come out the cinema thinking thank god you’re not the only one that (if still single) goes through this situation and that there just might be hope.


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Aging 70’s rocker, Danny Collins (Al Pacino), can’t give up his hard-living ways. But when his manager (Christopher Plummer) uncovers a 40 year-old undelivered letter written to him by John Lennon, he decides to change course and embarks on a heartfelt journey to rediscover his family, find true love and begin a second act.

Inspired by a true story, this comedy drama stars not only Al Pacino but Annette Bening and Jennifer Garner and is laced full of the music of John Lennon. Danny Collins will appeal more to the grown folk, the storyline may not have any surprises in store but it’s full of great performances as it’s more a character driven film than one of a great storyline.

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When the San Andreas Fault triggers a magnitude 9 earthquake, a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot (Dwayne Johnson) must navigate the destruction from Los Angeles to San Francisco to save his daughter.

This is a disaster movie in more ways than one; the only entertainment lies in the destruction the special effect brings to life. Majorly lacking in a plot and a decent storyline and full of those cringe worthy moments you might find yourself leaving the cinema a little brain dead.

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A Norman prince returns to his homeland after years in slavery, his code of honour demands bloody retribution for the murder of his father. Becoming an unlikely freedom fighter, he brings hope to the subjects living under the oppressive rule of a ruthless tyrant – but the battle for revenge has just begun!

Starring Stanley Weber (Borgia’s), this is another one of those films that lack majorly on the dialogue front, what it is heavy on is violence but without a strong plot this is just a bum numbing disappointment.  Even the soundtrack is completely wrong and too modern for this medieval slasher.

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