…hit, ‘How We Roll’ & Wretch 32’s Traktor. L Marshall is ready to take centre stage with the release of ‘The Wait Mixtape’.

Flavour caught up with L Marshall to find out what exactly he has in store for us. Check out his newest single entitled Wait ft Sincere and Sneakbo

How are you L, what have you been up to lately?
Hi guys, I’ve been doing a few shows up and down the country but I’ve mostly been busy in the studio. We’re in the final stages of writing and recording my debut album and its been pretty hectic lately.

Tell us how the collaboration between you and  Sincere and Sneakbo come about?
I met both of them on separate occasions, they asked me to jump on their next singles… they were both guys I got along with and whose work I admired so when it came time to choose who we would like to feature on ‘The Wait’ my mind was pretty set on them. That was all it took really, Sin & Bo liked the track and were good enough to return the favour.

For those that haven’t heard the mixtape, tell the readers why they need to grab it?
The Wait Mixtape is an album I’m very proud of. If anyone is interested in music written from the heart and that really paints an accurate picture of the artist behind it then this is one for you. I made sure to be as open and honest as I could on this record, its my way of saying “Hi, I’m L… this is Me.”  I had lots of fun making it and I think that sense of enjoyment is passed across in the music.

What other things do you have in store for us?
Just more good music! I’m gonna keep doing what I’m best at which is creating songs, and will keep trying to find new and more diverse ways to do so