We’ve got a bit of a mixed bag for you this week, A thriller with the still very sexy Halle Berry as a blue collar 911 operator on a mission, A biographical love story of the late and very beautiful queen of hearts, a straight up comedy with some great acting talents and a arty farty crime thriller which quite frankly might let you catch up on some much needed sleep.


Princess Diana was the most famous women in the world, absolutely adored by millions of people globally, mostly for her beauty but also her generosity, compassion and kindness.  This story uncovers the untold story of the man she really loved in her final years, Doctor Hasnat Khan.  Khan was not only a source of incredible strength to her but he saw who she really was, a very vulnerable and complex women. During her relationship with Dr Khan she accomplished some of her most rewarding humanitarian work, He made her feel not only a princess but like the women she truly was.

Naomi Watts as Diana in this film really shows some spooky similarities in the way that she looks. Somehow I think Watt’s will be the overall star of this film, this is an extremely hard role to pull off when all eyes of those that loved Diana will be watching. Fundamentally a love story, this will appeal to the masses.  Covering Diana’s later years and bringing back so many cruel memories, its guaranteed there will not be a dry eye left come the end.

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The Call

When Jordon Turner (Halle Berry), a veteran 911 call operator, inadvertently makes a mistake and get’s a young girl killed after taking her call regarding a break in, she’s raked with guilt. When another call comes in from a young girl who has been abducted, her life is about to change, making it her sole mission to save this girls life to make up for what happened in the past.

The Call is in essence a thriller, which will keep you gripped with its riveting storyline but can the change in direction half way through the film from a suspense filled, gutsy and tense film into a super sleuth kind of story let this down, should this film stayed as what we all expect or can Halle Berry pull this change of direction off?

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Sheriff Roy Pulsifer (Jeff Bridges) has spent his career with a police force know as R.I.P.D, the Rest In Peace Department, Tracking and arresting monstrous evil spirits that roam the living world disguised as the living. Once this wise cracking cop, who in his mortal body is a drop dead gorgeous babe, is assigned a new partner, the former rising star of the American Police Force yet recently deceased Nick Walker (Ryan Reynolds) they need to start working as a top notch team and stop butting heads. Why? Well if they don’t return the cosmic balance between the mortal coil and the afterlife life as we know it would make a turn for the worse.

Instantly, thinking “Oh my lord whatever will they come up with next” you might just be put off from seeing this ridiculous film. However, it’s not to be taken seriously I do feel that maybe it’s one of those films where all the best, funny bits are in the trailer, but when you have the likes of Reynolds, Bridges and Kevin Bacon gracing the screen it really might make you want to love it for the silliness it really portrays.

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Cold Comes the Night

Struggling motel owner, along with her daughter are taken hostage by a nearly blind career criminal. The two are used to be his eyes in order to retrieve a cash package which is now in the hands of a corrupt police officer.

This whole film was shot in a very short period of time, 20 days to be precise, With this in mind you would be forgiven thinking that the overall film will be shoddily put together with dyer acting to accompany that. To be totally honest, this kind of film is actually becoming quite cliché and boring. Too much emphasise seems to have been put on how this piece looks rather than the depth and creative storyline. I wouldn’t bother if I was you.

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