Hercules (Dwayne Johnson) leads a band of soldiers to help aid a bloody civil war in the land of Thrace and return the King to his beloved throne. Hercules has always been a tormented soul, whilst having the strength of a god he also feels the pain and suffering of a normal human. Villians beyond your wildest dreams will test the mythical power of Hercules to bring him down.

Based on the game and one of the most epic of action hero’s of all time, Hercules certainly delivers some killer visuals for shock and awe. There’s only one reason this film is here, to entertain you and Director Brett Ratner and Dwayne Johnson certainly do this. Like any film in this vain, it’s not to be taken too seriously it’s just there to lose yourself in and enjoy.

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One night a year, all crime – including murder – is legal for 12 hours. A man heads out into the chaos, intent on killing thugs as revenge for his son’s death, but ends up rescuing a stranded couple.

Really, I don’t see the point in this kind of film neither is it intelligent or smart. If you’re happy enough with watching blood, gore and violence just for the sake of it by no means will you enjoy it. Storyline is poor and quite frankly we have seen this type of film which glorifies violence way too many times. Plus stop making this drivel for all our sakes.

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When ex-con, Joe (Nicolas Cage) meets a 15 year old boy, Gary (Tye Sheridan) he becomes the most of unlikely of role models. Unfortunate for him he then has to make a choice for himself; shall he take the road to redemption or follow the path he already knows into ruin?

A Nicolas Cage film could go either way, he has made some right stinkers in his time, but when he makes a good film they are just, quite frankly pretty awesome. Where does this film stand? I’m going to go for the pretty awesome. Joe is a drama which is not only rough and ready but gripping and agonizing at the same time. Cage’s performance alone makes this an interesting watch.

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Living in the battleground of the notorious Northwest suburb of Copenhagen really doesn’t give 18 year old Casper (Gustav Dyekjaer Giese) much of a chance of a normal, decent life. Needing to support his family, petty crime and working for the local crime boss, Jamal provides that support. However, when a new rival crime boss shows up on the scene and see’s the potential in Casper, he offers him a way to climb the criminal ladder while flashing the cash. What other choice does Casper have but to switch sides. It was never going to be that easy though, his decision causes an all out war with horrific consequences which threatens not only him but the welfare and safety of his family too.

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