With Christmas fast approaching the film world are cashing in, this week every man and his dog seem to be releasing a new film. With way too many to cover here I’ve decided to whittle down the round up to a mixed bag of what could well be popular amongst you film lovers out there.


Fearless, feisty and the eternal optimist, Anna (Kristen Bell) embarks on a journey, to find her sister Elsa, Teaming up along the way with the rugged Kristoff (Jonathan Groff). One little snag Elsa has powers, the kind that turns everything to snow and ice especially the kingdom of Arendelle. This journey was never going to be easy as the pair battle through Everest type conditions, Mystical Trolls and a funny little snowman called Olaf to save the Kingdom.

From the creators of Tangled, comes yet another animation not just any kind of animation but a musical one at that.  The story is supposed to be loosely based on Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen with a 21st century twist to it. With the overwhelming critical acclaim the film has received so far this could be the one family fun film to salvage what has been a really poor year for the computer animated genre.

SEE IF YOU LIKED: Brave, Tangled.

Kill Your Darlings

Kill Your Darlings tells the story of the American poet Allen Ginsberg (Daniel Radcliffe), Novelist and Poet, Jack Kerouac (Jack Huston) and Novelist and Painter, William Burroughs (Ben Foster) as their friendship blossoms while at Columbia University in 1944. With the guy’s young friendship blossoming, they experience the heady world of drugs, sexuality and even murder, sparking what we know as the Beat Revolution, A true story that lead to the birth of an entire generation.

Daniel Radcliffe certainly is shaking off his Harry Potter image with the roles he is choosing to portray; this is another one where you see him as you’ve never seen him before. This dark drama is far from boring, it’s gritty and raw both in storyline and visual and certainly is fascinating, but it won’t be for everyone. If you have an open mind and an intrigue of the birth of 20th Century culture which is surrounded by obsession, jealousy and murder you could be onto a winner.

SEE IF YOU LIKED: Howl, On The Road

Powder Room                 

Sam (Sheridan Smith), is down on her luck, this doesn’t stop her from leading us on a voyeuristic journey into the lives of various types of women at certain points in their life and love. While on a shambles of a night out on the town, she realises her life is a bit of a mess, which only looks better by her highly dysfunctional but devoted bunch of close friends. Sam needs to find a way back from rock bottom but can she remain true to herself on after facing some pretty harsh realities.

Powder Room is mainly based, for the most in the ladies toilets in a club, with a host of British female stars such as Smith, Jamie Winstone and Kate Nash. This film may just ruin what us girls discuss and get up to in the privacy of the ladies loo’s on a night out away from the prying eyes of the male species. The only reason men should see this film is if they want to get inside women’s head but I strongly advise against that, it won’t be good for your health. Women on the other hand, will find this hilarious as it cuts close to the bone and brings home that our inane chatter is actually widespread.

SEE IF YOU LIKED: Bridesmaids.

Black Nativity

Langston’s Mother, Naima (Jennifer Hudson) wants better for her son, so she sends her son to New York to spend Christmas with his estranged grandparents, Reverend Cornell Cobbs (Forest Whitaker) and wife Aretha (Angela Bassett). However, Langston is struggling to cope with life in New York and the strict rules imposed by his grandparents and determined to make it back home to Baltimore. Just as things hit rock bottom he begins on a surprising and inspirational journey, with his new friends and some divine intervention he begins to understand the true meaning of faith, healing and most importantly family.

Black Nativity is a contemporary musical adaptation of Langston Hughes celebrated play, and with a whole host of stars gracing this film such as Jennifer Hudson, Mary J Blige, Forest Whitaker, Tyrese Gibson, Nas and Angela Bassett you are guaranteed to be entertained with the vocal styling’s and believable characters (on the most part), however, even though this address the issue of problems that face the black community and the hardship they face you can’t help think it repeats the some old tired line of forgiveness and gratitude once too often.



Former Race Car Driver, Brent Magna (Ethan Hawke) is against the clock desperately trying to save the life of his kidnapped wife. Forced to hijack a custom Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake and taking it and its unknowing owner on a high speed race against time and around town at the command of a mysterious villain who is holding his wife hostage.

What can I say about this film, Well it starts of pumped full of adrenaline and then it doesn’t stop. The constant high speed care chases around town throughout 95% of the movie just get tired and quite frankly rather tedious. There’s only a vague storyline and come the end your left with that feeling of what exactly was the point, not really getting what the whole thing was about. Credit where credit is due though, some of the scenes would not have been easy to shoot and they did this with perfect timing precision. However, if you fancy catching up on some sleep and don’t mind forking out good money for the pleasure go for it.

SEE IF YOU LIKED: Taken, The Cold Light Of Day.


By Zehra Phelan